Places near Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh is the ideal tourist destination for all those who wish to get an idea about the wonders that ancient India had in store. It is still a store house of many wonders which made what India is today. Combined with the natural rustic beauty of this landscape, Madhya Pradesh is truly a place that ought to be toured at least once. The star attraction of Madhya Pradesh is

Destinations of Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a beautiful and charismatic hill station snuggled at a distance of 34 kilometres from Dehradun. The hill station is also known as the ‘queen of the hills’. Whether you talk about mesmerising sites, outstanding aura or spiritual destinations, the hill station has everything. Just look for 3 star hotels in Mussoorie and do your booking for a satisfying trip. The hill station will definitely make you feel fresh

Picnic Spots in Ahmedabad

A picnic is basically an excursion which ideally takes place in a scenic landscape like beside a beautiful lake or in a park. Picnics are more often than not family oriented but a picnic can also be a romantic getaway for two people or a large get together like school picnics or company picnics. There are plenty of picnic spots in Ahmedabad, and I have listed a few of the