All You Need to Know about Windshield Wipers

Windshield Experts is a service brand owned by Shield Autoglass Ltd. Shield Autoglass is promoted by the Labroo family through their investment company M/s Allied Fincap Services Pvt. Ltd. and Autoglass Company Ltd., a subsidiary of the leading automotive glass manufacturer – Asahi Glass Company, Japan. Today, with presence in 30 cities and 58 conveniently located service centers and a number of mobile vans, Windshield Experts, an ISO 9001:2008, certified company, holds the distinction of being India’s largest automotive glass repair and replacement company.

Windshield Experts is India’s first and largest car windscreen repair & replacement network with its presence across 32 cities and 56 convenience located service centres. It is the preferred destination for discerning customers who want their car windscreen replaced or repaired.
Windshield Wipers
Windscreen wipers are as indispensible to windshields as windshields are to a vehicle. Together, they act as a barrier between foreign objects, climatic conditions and the passengers.
It is necessary to keep the windshield clean at all times while driving and wipers take care of that front during heavy rains or dust storms. But how often does the condition of the wipers cross your mind? Even the most dedicated car owners tend to neglect these essential parts and leave repair or replacement only until they express visible signs of damage.
The good news is that they’re easy to replace and easy on the pocket as well. Take heed if you notice the following:

  • Streaks on the windshield
  • Squeaking noise
  • Inability of the wipers to clean the windshield
  • Damaged frame

Wipers with damaged rubber may impose marks or even cracks on the windscreen. Take action as soon as you notice these signs or you’ll need to consult experts for car glass replacement.
Wipers are the sole agents that clean and keep the windscreen spick and span. Logically, they aid visibility and ensure maximum comfort while driving. Make sure to inspect them on a regular basis and clean them of gravel, dust and leaves. Harsh climatic conditions or extended use may adversely affect the wiper, so make sure to check them after such an episode.
This is how you can replace your windscreen wipers.

  1. The size of every car’s windshield differs and so do the wipers. Check the size of the wiper blades and purchase the same blades for the both the wipers. You may just change the rubber, but it’s advisable to get a new blade. Also, replace both the wipers to optimize performance.
  2. Carefully lift the blades up and away from the screen till they lock in a vertical position. Make sure that they don’t fall back as that might damage the windshield. You may also place a soft cloth or material to cushion impact, just in case.
  3. A seal, plastic clip or pink holds the blade to the frame of the wiper. Remove the blade accordingly with great care and make sure the bottom part doesn’t hit the windshield. Similarly, attach the new blades to the metal arm depending on the type of connection. Alignment is key here, so make sure that both the wipers are co-oriented.
  4. Next, place them gently on the windshield without guiding their direction after ensuring that they’re fixed accurately. Finally, test the wipers with water on the screen to avoid any problems later while driving in the rain. If they don’t function properly or show any sign of dysfunction, consult an expert instead of experimenting further.

Prolonged use of impaired wipers may irrevocably damage the windscreen and you may need to consult technicians for windshield chip repair. Wiper blades have a particular life span which is around 6 months to a year. Experts suggest that you must change the wipers at least once a year or depending on the climatic conditions of the city you inhabit. It can be hazardous to drive around with a damaged wipers and windshield.

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