A Rare Find with a Funky Beat

“The Professor of Love SongOlogy” by Teddy Hayes in good and interesting for a number of reasons.
Firstly, Teddy is a real singer and can sing in different genres, and there are no computer assisted vocals. He also sings most of his own harmonies. He is a rare find in this day and age of computer generated vocals.
The CD is a concept CD with 9 love songs.  Each song has a different story about how and why it was composed. The liner notes can be bought on Amazon for only. £99http://amzn.to/2zUf6lc
The first track being promoted from the CD is “Love Come Rainin Down”, a song that was inspired by a rejected would-be lover. This track is performed with a Hip Hop and Jazz/Soul flavour.
A funky beat allows Teddy’s vocals to float melodically over the track to create a kind of jazz rap that is both fun and funky. The hook is infectious and reverberates inside your head. This track could easily become a dance floor and DJ favourite.
The other tracks like “Touchin U in the Mornin” and “Born Again” are real love songs performed in a way that makes Teddy an artist with his own unique voice and style.
Because he can sing a variety of genres and is a strong writer of catchy hooks, I would think Teddy would be a real asset to any record company looking to expand their commercial artist repertoire
For live gigs you can contact Teddy through “ReverbNation”.

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