List of Applications of Photo Sensors and Laser Modules

Photoelectric sensors and laser modules are designed with the implementation of highly advance technology that holds up the market leads. They give high level of performance on an uninterrupted concern. They are intended with an aim to integrate in any form and have many applications, let’s have a look on some – 

  • Photo sensor with inside vistal housing – Customized photo sensor based system has automated system around the world. They have high performance in ultra rugged vistal housing. Pin point LED for sharp spot light along with two emitter LEDs for background light. They have variable mounting with M3 or M4 holes and wide connections.
  • Photo sensor with rugged metal housing – They provide applications on demand that includes best in class optical performance because of OES technology. Auto collimation with retro-reflective sensors and highly noticeable precise spotlight and high energy IR transmitter.
  • Photo sensors for a wide range of applications – Intense light for pinpoint version, long range with IR LED with 2500mm of range, only DC or both AC/DC supply, suppress background and highlight multicolored object and flexible sensor setting, monitoring and diagnosis.
  • Photo sensor of highest reliability and maximum resistance – Smooth stainless steel housing with flexible sensor settings, monitoring and updated diagnostic options are present in it. It also has highly visible laser light spot due to pinpoint LED. Teach in via stainless steel push button is a special feature that gives it a distinct identity.
  • Photo sensor of zero pressure accumulation – It has three types of logics varying from – single feed, single feed with sleep function and block slug feed. Three mounting types are – mounting between rollers, mounting between side frames and mounting above the belt. All these together allow 50 zone control solutions in series.

Customizedlaser module has other varied applications that are like –

  • Heat treatment
  • Laser micro machining
  • Plastic welding
  • Fiber laser & amplifier pumping
  • Control of the dispenser nozzle height
  • Detection of parts in parts feeder
  • Detection of LED lead
  • Detection of presence and absence of test tube tray
  • Transportation and traffic management – Access control applications, red light detection and increase operational efficiency
  • Altimetry and height detection – Three different modules are available in this that ranges up to 1200 m. There are also diverse alternates in each module.
  • Security and presence detection – It monitors area, guard perimeter and detect presence.

Thus, both photo sensors and laser modules are very essential now a day.

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