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Education plays an extremely important role in shaping the future of an individual and of course a country. And, step by step it’s the Asia- Pacific region which is growing in every aspect and education tops the list. There are some really great universities which are being established in this region, along with the heritage ones which are including new age methodology and adapting to the modern way of learning.

Aakash Institute offers coaching for JEE Main, NEET and Other Competitive Exams

Aakash is a premier institute which gives coaching to students to help crack NEET and JEE Mains. Aakash was founded by Mr. J. C. Chaudhary who started giving coaching in West Delhi in 1988. Aakash Institute is the oldest branch of Aakash group. Aakash offers coaching through three different types which are Distance Learning Program or DLP, Regular Classroom Program, Virtual Classroom Centre. Aakash can be joined by students who

online life experience degree,

The emergence of authoring tools has drastically change the way organizations tend to manage the development in e-learning. These days, you don’t need to be an expert instructional designer for to create an online course. With the help of modern, easy to use, and rapid authoring tools, you are able to create high quality online courses. Following are a few common authoring tools which are categorized into three distinct groups.

The To-do List Before Pursuing Designing

We all are awed and say “Wow!” on seeing the outfits of the celebrities and film stars. Some of us are such avid followers of film stars and celebrities that we end up dressing just like them. Do we ever think about the face behind these outfits though? Who makes these outfits? There was a time when these dresses were done by a local tailor. By now, tailoring and more

3 Ways You Can Build Your Personal Brand While Preparing to Apply to Business Schools

Most business school aspirants’ focus, when working on their applications, is on their GMAT scores, academics and professional progression. But if this is the strategy most applicants adopt, then how can you differentiate your application? How do you stand out from the crowd? Increasingly, it has become an accepted fact that companies are no longer responsible for your career development. In fact, studies have shown that average life expectancy of

How to Stop Procrastination during Exams

Exams are always stressful and nerve wracking. In such problematic environment, procrastination works as an icing on the cake. Whether learning in a traditional school or earning an online life experience degree, procrastination is the major issue of many students. In this article, we are sharing some effective ways to beat the procrastination and complete all tasks timely. 1.       Eliminate Distractions Firstly, you must not fool yourself. It is a

8 Ways You Can Develop As A Leader When You Are Still In Business School

MBA and leadership should be inextricably linked. An MBA lets you explore and evolve management principles and techniques to build blueprints for your companies’ future growth in addition to concepts linked to finance, marketing, operations and more. But what most MBAs, the one year programme in particular, barely teach you is how to understand and navigate organizational dynamics. The focus instead is on imparting hard skills and not so much

How to win the war for talent in 2017?

In today’s technology-driven marketplace, winning the war for talent may appear as an insurmountable task. Right from a startup to a big conglomerate—everybody has put his/her best foot forward in finding the talent with niche technical or amazing sales skills. In 2017, recruiting as well as retaining the best-in-class talent will be one of the top priorities of talent acquisition professionals. A highly capable and nimble team is probably the

What are the Best Benefits That e-learning Can Provide for Both Instructors and Students?

E-learning is a great platform that can benefit both the instructors and the learner. Virtual Instructor-Led Training or VILT can be considered as the one of the best things that technology can ever provide for us. The clicking of your mouse can bring the whole world at your feet. Gaining knowledge has become so easy now and also it has become so easy to impart knowledge to people who are

MBA Admissions - 12 Steps to Success

These are the most important things to consider when applying to an MBA program. If you do nothing else, focus on these twelve things: 1. Show self-knowledge. If you know who you are, where you’re going, and why it requires an MBA, you’re more than halfway to getting in. 2. Show past success. Admissions committees have to rely on your past successes and referees, as a shorthand indicator of your