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Surprising almost every taxpayer of the nation, the government bombarded the people’s businesses with the GST load. And all of a sudden, there was no central tax, excise duty or VAT but only GST. All the earlier indirect taxes were replaced by the Goods and Services Tax. However, GST streamlined the entire taxation in India. And being destination-based in nature, GST also assures the proper documentation of each sale and

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The GST rollout brought rush for all types of business in India. It increased the urgency of the people to comply with new taxation regime but with the simplicity and ease. And also the people started running for the assistance of the chartered accountants and financial advisors. Imagine a holocaust in which all the resources are gone but there’s only one source left at some remote destination. How will the

Land Purchase Loans

Every patch of land has sentimental value in the owner’s heart. Buying an apartment does not grant you land rights. If you want to invest in land, then constructing your home on your patch of land is the best idea. With land rates on the rise, a land purchase loan can prove very useful in securing your land in a prime real estate location. —————————————————————————————————————- Owning a home is on

Personal Loan

Delhi is located in north side of India and is a major source of business and trading. It has recorded a stunning GDP in the past few years and is expected to rise steadily in the days ahead. This news also signifies another important factor- rising costs and expenses. Any developing city has its own needs and at times you might face a deficit of funds. Why put your plans

Becoming a Smarter Shopper

It’s time of the year yet again that’s bound to affect your savings and cough up your earnings. Yes, we are talking about the festive or the sales season where you buy gifts for yourself and loved ones. eCommerce websites announce dazzling sales offer that surely spoils you for choices. While it’s a good time for those who save all year to shop during the sales period, many poke a

Debt Collection Agency

Although there are smart means of avoiding the process of debt collection, at times you will require taking the help of a professional in order to run your business. It will also help you in handling delinquent accounts that can be draining on your time, patience and resources. This said, not all debt collection agencies are created equal nor will they be ideal for your particular business. So there are

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If you are an Options trader, the 2 most important Greeks that you will really need to understand are Delta and Theta. Although some might say that they are quite difficult to understand in totality, but once you get your head around these 2 most important Greeks, you should be able to make the most of your Trading in Options. The Greek Delta is used to measure an Option’s sensitivity to variations in

Digital PR Agency

PR today has gone digital. In this Digital Age, where everything is coming online, PR would be remiss not to share in the bounty that is the online sphere. Traditionally, PR’s roles is to increase the awareness of any organization’s brand value among the audience it wants to target and get the  desired effect of reaching the needed demographic for that specific company. The new version of this traditional approach


Cash – the cash I don’t have, the cash I wish I had, and obviously, cash I owe. Cash is key to our lives and decides our way of life, and can affect today as well as our future too. Imagine a scenario where you wind up underwater, what would you be able to do. The street to obligation flexibility isn’t straightforward. It takes work to escape obligation, however as

Benefits of a Loan on the Title of the Auto

Qualifying for a car title loan is easy if you have clean car title and proof of income. The process is short, and usually the cash you need is quickly in your hands. What are the benefits of a car title loan? Fast Processing: Most of the time, people apply for a car title loan to cover a variety of expenses. The common variable of most of these loans is