Take care of your heart

People do lead very hectic and stressful lives these days. They have a lot of work pressure and due to irregular routine (like eating unhealthy food and improper amount of sleep) they keep on inviting untimely health problems. Cardiac arrest is definitely one of them. One has to remember that, cardiac arrests are more serious situations that a heart attacks and if proper steps are not taken immediately; it can


A good chiropractor can be a God’s gift for those who are suffering from spinal injuries. Especially if you are wary of going for a surgical treatment of spine, a chiropractor who specializes in neuromuscular disorders can be your best chance to get a nonsurgical treatment of your spinal ailment with the help of manual adjustment techniques. However if you really want this treatment to work for you, you will

heartburn medicine pregnancy 

Some common issues occur during different stages of pregnancy that can be tackled by natural processes and medications prescribed by doctors. These problems are common occurrences in most of the mothers and thus they all have to deal with the situation effectively. But the medication of these disorders slightly differs during pregnancy because health of the baby needs to be kept in mind and medicines should be taken that does not cause

bone marrow transplant cost in India

Bone marrow is the tissue found inside the hollows of bones, which unlike the outer hard covering is soft and spongy in nature. The cell that form blood or blood stem cells are formed inside the bone marrow. These stem cells in turn form other essential blood cells of the body. Hence a healthy bone marrow is extremely important for survival of human beings. Bone marrow transplant can treat a

Nandrolone and its Dangerous

Nandrolone decanoate is an anabolic steroid that has a 50/50 reputation when it comes to its benefits and efectos adversos or adverse effects. Despite the facts that it has a lot of benefits, users are now aware of the adverse effects that it can cause. But this does not stop the drug from becoming one of the most popular steroids worldwide. Users are not shaken even by the continuous warnings


Prior to surgical treatment When you have actually talked to numerous cosmetic surgeons and have actually picked an extremely certified Rhinoplasty Melbourne based physician that has actually done lots of nose surgeries, you prepare to plan for surgical treatment of Rhinoplasty in Melbourne. It is essential to terminate using any type of pain killers, Advil, vitamin E, and natural supplements 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your nose job surgical

Positions for Breastfeeding

Though the philosophy of breastfeeding may seem a bit simple, but the reality is far from truth. If a mother is aware of the best position for breastfeeding baby then a lot of problems could be kept at bay. So what are the best positions for breastfeeding? There are numerous positions and trust me each one of it has their merits along with demerits. First and foremost you would need

Men, Pay Attention To Avoid Future Cancer Tension

We all understand the importance of health as a major driving force towards a happy and fulfilling life. Where the media and internet is flooded with news, daily tips and advice centered around womens’ health in general, here is a something for the men who are just as concerned regarding their health. Mostly focused around stressful and hectic work routines, men too ignore their health as much as women do.

Performance Enhancement Supplements

Having beefed up muscle is a dream and after having achieved the main purpose is to retain it for long period. With so many different options that are currently stacked it is way more confusing  to find the one that will certainly help you to have  great body, It is common to see that a lot of people are seeking performance enhancement thus it is important to know about different products


What is dialysis?   Dialysis is a treatment provided to filter and purify the blood using a machine. This helps to keep your body in balance when the kidneys are not able do their job as they should do. Our kidneys are a pair of organs, each about the size of a fist, that are located on either side of the body. They’re responsible for purifying the blood by removing