What To Expect From A Gynecologist

A gynecologist is supposed to treat women whose physiological and psychological complexitiesare apparently unfathomable till date. While physically the female reproductive system is a wonder, psychologically women are theleast understood even by doctors. The task of a gynecologist becomes more complex when physiological ailments or conditions have psychological manifestations. When such situations arise, the gynecologist has to act as a counselor as well as a gynecologist who is out there

The most precious soul on earth!

She’s the one who stayed all night to stop you from crying, she’s the one who helped you in dealing with your dad, she’s the one who find things you lose, she’s the one who doubles up as your best friend and teacher when need arises for it, she’s the one treats you to delectable food, she’s the one who has made several sacrifices in order to get you to