These days Chinese and Thai recipes have become very common in Indian kitchens. Be it a house party or a get together or any restaurant dining, one can get to see a lot of dishes these origins making their place in the menu. In order to prepare Thai food in Hindi, one can always refer Thai recipe books. Sesame Crusted Chicken This is a baked snack item and it is

momo recipes

We people always try to find out some healthy snacks when we have to look after out health. There are many healthy substitutes available but if one is feeling really hungry and they need something heavy then choosing a plate of momo can be a smart move. Momos are the best possible steamed snack items which can be made at home. One needs flour and something which can be used

kara kuzhambu

With the delicious taste of South Indian dishes, the entire country is in love with vegetarian dishes from south India. Thus people having Idli, Dosa as breakfast and Utthapam or Poha for lunch are very common. Most important thing about these dishes is that they are high in essential nutrients making the dishes healthy. That is one of the major reasons people prefer them over fast food and these dishes

egg maggi recipe in Hindi

They say cooking in an art but not all are very good at it though. Out there are many kinds of people when it comes to cooking. There are those who completely abstain from cooking and only act as critic in the end, then there are those who love to cook and often keep trying out new recipes, then there are those who just cook to avoid starvation. Now, we

The Benefits of Natural Dietary Supplements

Natural supplements are dietary additives that are derived from substances of natural origin, such as herbal supplements. Although herbal supplements are a type of natural supplement, not all natural supplements are made with herbs. In fact, facts with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, or a combination of these elements can also be considered natural supplements. There are many benefits that are associated with the use of supplements. Sadly, many of these

Health Benefits of the Natural Vegetables and Fruits like Neem Karela Jamun and Giloy

Fruits and vegetables present us with the natural way to become healthy. So much so, when one chooses the best of the best, you are bound to have a good source of all round health. Such is the case with neem and karela that are bursting with health giving nutrients. Jamun seeds are traditionally powdered after drying according to Ayurvedic practices. You can use the neem karela jamun juice for diabetes since

How to Make Healthy Food Choices?

What you eat determines your health. If you want to stay healthy and fit you need to keep a close watch on what you are eating. A healthy diet and a little exercise on regular basis can improve the way your body functions, lower cholesterol level and keep you in shape. Healthy diet can be achieved easily, all you need to do is monitor your current diet and make required

Know The Standalone Use Of Nandrolone For Mass Building

Deca Durabolin also known as Nandrolone is one of the effective drugs that offers lasting results for the body builders who wants to perform rigorous cycle applications. In some countries it has been considered as the legal option to use while in some countries, it cannot be purchased without prescription. This form of steroid so far has received mix reviews, but there is no denial to the fact Deca Durabolin

5 Tips for Your Post-Workout Meal – The Best Nutrition After-Training

  During a session in the gym, our energy is represented by the glycogen which is depleted and we need to regain strength to continue daily life and prepare for the next workout. As you see in what follows, the post-workout meal is vital for proper rehydration, muscle tissue reconstruction and renewal of energy. 1 – Drink Plenty of Water It is not, of course, a solid food, but it