Putting aside the unlawful and disgraceful activities of the host Stuart Hall It’s a knockout was a cracking show. It did more to improve and destroy Anglo-European relations that any show, save for the Eurovision song contest, could ever hope to. Modern readers may be wondering what this show was about. This little piece will try and give you a flavour and I’ll try to not to mention the Belgians.

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The streets are not safe anymore. Over last few years, there has been a disturbing rise in crimes like mugging, purse-snatching, pick-pockets, catcalling and harassing women. Even more worrying, these crimes are not just limited to dark and deserted alleys but open, well-populated streets in broad daylight as well. With circumstances like these, you need to be prepared for the worst. For that, you have to be able to protect

Andrea Pirlo Retires

Andrea Pirlo has announced he is officially retired from football at 38 years old. The Juventus, Italy, and Milan star had a successful career playing in a midfield position. Pirlo’s Career In 2006, Pirlo won the World Cup alongside his Italian teammates. He decided his long career would come to an end after his current team, New York City FC, were eliminated from the MLS playoffs. Pirlo tweeted his thanks

Tips For Buying Right Boxing Gloves

If you are a sports guy and more over you love boxing then you must be aware of the thrill and enjoyment which a player feels in the ring. These moments are incomplete without a cool outfit. In boxing ring players wear different boxing equipment like gloves, head guards, shin guards, thai guards and good looking shorts and shirt. These all things not only make the player look good but

Tips for choosing the right Bjj Gi for jiu jitsu Competition

Selecting the right Bjj Gi is accusatory when you are elaborated with jiu-jitsu competition and that can manifest to be a great advantage to your training session. First and the most important thing to notice is to make sure you have the right ensemble and always remember that contentment matters more than the vogue of your outfit. It will let you participate with your contender with full conviction. BJJ Gi