4 Different Types of Mannequins and their Specific Uses

4 Different Types of Mannequins and their Specific Uses
There is no doubt about the popularity and usage authority mannequins have gained in the past few decades. Initially on used in certain limited ways, the rapid boom in the fashion industry has enabled mannequins to be almost as popular as various fashion brands themselves. They are now seen in front of almost every fashion brand outlet in their display windows, proudly displaying the brand’s top quality clothing lines for them and attracting customers inside their shops in an effort to boost sales and revenue. In the modern day, there are so many different types of mannequins available that it can sometimes be confusing for brands and retailers of fashion clothing and accessories to decide what type will be perfect for their display windows or other advertisement purposes. Here are some of the most common types of mannequins discusses in detail with the aim of making their selection process easier for brands and retailers that might be interested in one of them.

1: Realistic Mannequins

These can be said the most human being like types of mannequins. There are equipped with the most realistic skin feel and feature set of a human being. Their facial features can resemble any given celebrity or a famous personality or they can be of a general human being as well. The skin tone and appearance of these realistic types of mannequins help them to attain the look and feel of a real human being as the top layer is made out of soft silicon and polymer synthetic that acts soft to touch just like a regular person. Because of this enhanced realistic feel these are utilized mostly in:
·         Very high class fashion brands.
·         Lingerie brands to make the lingerie stand out.
·         TV advertisement for some elite top class brands.
·         Wedding dress brands to make the dresses look appropriately adequate.
One thing that is also attributed with these realistic mannequins is their price tag. They might be a tad expensive than all the other types because of the real skin feel and facial feature set.

2: Headless Mannequins

These are also very popular types of mannequins. Numerous brands and retailers make use of them at their display windows and also electronic advertisements. They are particularly useful when the emphasis has to be on the clothing without highlighting anything else. There being no head for these types of mannequins enable them to highlight the clothing that is put on them most prominently. They are utilized in various ways at numerous occasions, some of which are:
·         TV ads for various brands.
·         Formal dress brands.
·         Accessories brands to highlight accessories appropriately.

3: Articulated Mannequins

Articulated mannequins have gained popularity particularly in the past few years. They have the ability for their limbs to be twisted and turned to a certain degree in order to pose them and also make the clothing process a lot easier. This ability to dress them on and off easily has contribute a great deal to their boosted popularity recently. Because of that particular feature they might be a little expensive than the regular fixed type of mannequins. Their ability to have their limbs twisted in certain angles also enable them to be utilized in various poses. Some of the situations they are commonly used in are:
·         Multi fashion brands that need to change their clothing frequently.
·         Medical industry for training and demonstrations.
·         Less ordinary brand types like sports brands where they are to be posted in certain positions.
·         Potentially every fashion brand can use them because of the feature set they possess.

4: Ghost Mannequins

These are undoubtable the most controversial ones on this list. Keeping up with their name they have the ability to typically disappear from the picture and stand the clothing on top of them in wearable positions as if it was there on its own. They have a very minimalist body structure that comes in various sizes and sexes as well. Because of their heightened ability to not be visible in the picture, they are utilized only in TV commercials in order to make the clothing appeal even more and highlight on its own. Some brands have made use of these at their display windows, but that comes demanding a lot of care and attention and longer times to dress them up as well.

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