Tips To Choose Pendant Set According To Body Shapes

Pendants are love, they are life saviour trinkets when you have to rush for the destination and you see the lack of accessories around. There are few questions which you need to keep in your mind before buying online pendant set:

  1. What is your body shape?
  2. Which is your favourite genre (oxidised, pearl made, shell)?
  3. Which is your favourite colour?
  4. Do you have any choice for a specific colour?

Let’s have a quick scroll through this blog where you will understand which pendant type will suit you best according to your body shape!
Let’s start peeps;
Double Cherry Shape
Double Cherry Shape
When you have a plump bust line which is equal to your hip size, the body shape is said to be a double cherry shape. The wait is over with the presentation of cutesy pendants set and accessories.
Style Tips:

  1. Wear sleek and long pendants or lockets; it will make you look sleek.
  2. Make sure it is in dark colour.
  3. The thread or chain attached to the locket or pendant should be lengthy.

Hourglass Shape

Hourglass Shape

Do you need anything else to beautiful your appeal? The beauty is God-gifted darling; ooze up the same by using catchy pendants such as this double cherry locket.
Style Tips:

  1. If you have a lean structure, then catch the fun with round and heavy metallic pendants.
  2. If you are petite then wear choker kind of pearl pendants.
  3. Avoid extra stone or material used pendants.
  4. Try oxidised and rose golden coloured pendants.

Rectangle Shape
Rectangle Shape
When your bust, waist and hip size is exactly the same, then your body shape is to be called rectangular body shape. Wear flared bottom wears to pose for a balanced look. And here are the must-known facts when choosing pendants or online bangles from IndiaRush.
Style Tips:

  1. Your body is simply straight; you can spiff up your appeal in a minute by wearing round or oval pendants.
  2. Wear push up bra, bustier top and flared bottom wear such as culottes or skirts.
  3. Wear voluminous bangle or bracelet which should cover the most of the space of your wrist.

Triangular Shape
Triangular Shape
When you have a narrow bust line and wider hip shape, your body is to be called triangular. This type of figure line is great to wear sarees or traditional salwar suits. So catch with the quirkiest and wisest tips.
Style tips:

  1. Wear round or oval shaped pendant set to balance the upper part with the lower one.
  2. The pendant should draw notice to your cleavage; so, wear a short length pendant or locket set.
  3. To complete your hobo look, you can also wear it with a tiara.

Inverted Triangle Shape
Inverted Triangle Shape
If you are a hobo, backpacker and a true wanderlust, then this pick is an ultimate choice for you. How about gifting elephant tooth pendant to yourself? Well, you can plan this for your upcoming birth date.
Women with wider bosoms and narrow hip line are known to have inverted triangular body shape.
Style Tips:

  1. Wear a sabre tooth pendant with your adventure trip attire. (Obviously, the attire will be loose and comfortable for the stunt chosen trip!)
  2. If you are wearing a semi-traditional or Indo-western wear, then go for a pendant which has a narrow upper part and broad lower part.

Stay tuned for such wise lectures because every one of us needs it. Even I also need them sometimes!!! And don’t forget to comment on the blog as well. Till then – Fashion, Think, Experiment and Repeat!

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