Caring For Someone Who Has Undergone Major Burn Injury

To care for someone who us undergone burn injuries can be a challenge to just about anyone. Most burn victims need to be hospitalized. They need the care of professionals and doctors in order for them to recover well. There are the instances when one can be taken care of at home with a caregiver attending to them. In such cases there are some rules and regulations that you need to follow so that you care for the patient well. How the person is taken care of will show in their progress in recovering.

Treatment At Home

If the burn is superficial then you don’t need to take the person to hospital or seek immediate medical attention. That is the burn wound should be very small and not deep. Only then can you keep the patient at home and care for them. For minor burns such as this, you may need to follow some simple steps so that you provide the good care that is needed. You as the care giver need to wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap. Then you should allow for the patients wound to run under cool water. Not hot or cold water but water that is just cool. This will reduce the pain and the swelling. You may need to use a mild soap to cleanse the affected area. After that you may use an antibacterial cream if the skin is not open and cover the area with a sterile gauze loosely so as to avoid agitation.

For Severe Burns

For those who have undergone sever burn, it is best to leave the professionals take care of this. They will know exactly what needs to be done. In very serious cases where the wound need to heal properly, the doctors use Pico for the healing process of the wounds. These are one of the best methods and help in the healing of an open wound. They may need to stay in the hospital for the period of recovery.
When they are allowed to come home after the major part of the care, it is still important to keep giving them the right kind of care that they need so they can fully heal and recover. The healing process can be slow as it does mean that skin needs to regrow and cover the affected areas.
If the person has undergone serious burns that are large and look troubling, it is best to rush them to the hospital. You should not try to remove clothing that is stuck to the burnt areas as this can cause major injury. You should however apply cool water so as to stop the burning process and avoid swelling and pain. The cool water will reduce the pain. If the victim is feeling cold you should cover them with a blanket but do not try to apply any ointments, butter or any other thing on the burn. There is also the need for you to be fast in taking them to the hospital.

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