Commonest problems that occur during pregnancy and ways to manage

Some common issues occur during different stages of pregnancy that can be tackled by natural processes and medications prescribed by doctors. These problems are common occurrences in most of the mothers and thus they all have to deal with the situation effectively. But the medication of these disorders slightly differs during pregnancy because health of the baby needs to be kept in mind and medicines should be taken that does not cause any problem to normal growth of the fetus.

Heartburn condition during pregnancy

There are some conditions like heartburn which potentially cause an irritation near the heart. The burn sensation is due to various factors like digestion problems or problems in cardiac functions. Thus when a mother feels a sensation of heartburn, they should consult a doctor immediately to get a primary checkup for symptoms of major problems.

Nausea and vomiting are common problems that occur in pregnant mothers, but the sensation of heartburn occurs when the mother gives longer intervals while having food, which causes the acid of stomach to rise up and that same issue causes burning sensation. Nausea and vomiting may be common aspects, but a person suffering heartburn should surely get advice from doctors.

There are several natural ways to curb the problem of heartburn while are advised by doctors. With the intake of heartburn medicine pregnancy gets influenced for the greater good of the fetus. There are various diet plans that are to be maintained to stop this problem which is to be followed as told by doctors. Mothers should also take care of pressure problems because heart issues can cause heartburn too, which causes life risk for both mother and the baby.

Problems of blood pressure

During pregnancy to sustain the necessity of developing fetus, blood volume in mother increases resulting in several complexities in blood pressure and heart functions. There are issues with proper functioning of the valves. The process of pregnancy is stressful because of varieties of factors and medications to keep in mind and along with it comes higher blood volume which causes hypertension.

There are also problems regarding anaemic condition in mother due to most blood cells getting to the growing fetus and mothers getting tired easily with the condition of low blood pressure. This condition may result in abnormal growth of baby or complications in mother during pregnancy.

Mothers use the prescribed blood pressure medicine while pregnant so that the condition can be under control and proper functions may occur in the baby. A higher blood pressure may damage the heart of the fetus because they growing heart walls cannot sustain that much pressure. Thus it is important for the mother to keep the pressure balanced.


These problems are commonest and occur in many pregnant women for which this should be under medication and measures need to be taken according to the diagnosis of doctors. These medications are commonly available and must not be without proper prescriptions because side effects of some medicines can affect the fetus during pregnancy.

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