Different Ways To Increase Nutrient Absorption In Your Body

Different Ways To Increase Nutrient Absorption In Your Body

You could be eating all the right foods but your body is not absorbing all of them. This means that all the vegetables, fruits, whole foods and supplements that you are ingesting are simply going to waste. To get the most out of nutrition, you can use some useful tips that will help with complete absorption of nutrients into your system. First, you must learn to pair foods. By eating certain foods together, you stimulate your body to synthesise and absorb certain nutrients better. Some foods have enzymes that serve to break down nutrients better, and as such act as catalysts in the breakdown of food. For instance, when avocados are paired with tomatoes, greater benefits are derived that when you eat these two foods separately. As well, foods that are rich in vitamin C go well with green tea and actually help in better absorption of antioxidants. Studies also show that combining foods rich in the three main type of vitamin B (B6, B1 and B12) helps in better absorption.

Secondly, add some fat to your vegetables to improve absorption. It’s understandable if you feel the need to stay away from fats, especially if you are trying to shed weight. But not all fats are bad; some are quite useful for a healthy body and eliminating them will only deny your body healthy nutrients. Oils such as olive oil, sesame seeds, sunflower oil and peanut oil are a good source of fats and you should drizzle a spoonful into your salads, add into your soups or add into your smoothies along with whey protein. Fats are essential for digestion of carotenoids, other phytochemicals and for the release of anti-oxidants. Thirdly, eliminating alcohol from your meals will improve nutrient absorption. Alcohol can prevent absorption of nutrients such as zinc, B-vitamins and folic acid. Besides just eliminating alcohol during meal time, you should only drink moderately at all times as leisure drinking can also impede nutrient absorption.

Fourth, chew thoroughly to ensure your food is broken down into small pieces. If your food lands in the stomach while it’s still in big chunks, your digestive juices will have a harder time breaking it down further for it to be absorbed into the blood stream. Most people who eat in a hurry don’t chew their food enough. Therefore create enough time for having your meals to allow you to chew sufficiently and allow enzyme action to take place in your mouth. Remember, digestion begins in the mouth, making chewing a necessary part of your digestive process.Finally, ensure your digestive system has enough bacteria and roughage to aid in the breakdown of food. Whole foods from Meridianwill nourish your body with roughage contained in foods like whole nuts, while taking a probiotic will keep the bacteria in your stomach alive. When you adopt these five tips, you will experience a big change in how your body responds to nutrients. 

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