Tips for Post Bone Marrow Transplant Care

Bone marrow is the tissue found inside the hollows of bones, which unlike the outer hard covering is soft and spongy in nature. The cell that form blood or blood stem cells are formed inside the bone marrow. These stem cells in turn form other essential blood cells of the body. Hence a healthy bone marrow is extremely important for survival of human beings. Bone marrow transplant can treat a wide variety of diseases ranging from blood related disorders like leukemia and lymphoma to genetic immunity disorders like sickle cell disease. Bone marrow transplant surgery is a rather complex one. But more than the surgery, it is the post surgery care that ensures the proper and speedy recovery of the patient.

The bone marrow transplant cost ranges from mid level to high hence the surgeries are done with care. Listed below are a few very important tips post surgery care for the patient, in order to ensure full recovery.

  • Most often after such a major surgery the patient remains very weak and vulnerable hence very easily susceptible to infections. The most important tip for any care giver is to make sure the patient does not suffer from any infection.
  • The second most basic step to follow for any care giver is to read the doctor’s instructions really carefully and also make family member’s of the patient do the same. There is no better option than being well informed and preparing a disinfected environment for the patient to ensure the least to zero possibility of infection of the patient.
  • The next important fact to look into is isolation. The patient is to be kept in as pristine conditions as possible and hence be given very less physical interaction time with people. However while being kept in a quarantined environment, it is essential to keep in mind that the patient should at no cost feel isolated from others.
  • Due to undergoing such an important surgery it must be kept in mind at all times that the patient would feel very week physically and would have very low levels of energy, hence any physical activity that the patient can do should be restricted to bare minimum.
  • Another step towards recovery is to build up strength bit by bit over time. The patient should not be rushed in this case, but should be given a lot of time and care to build up physical strength over the span of time. /this would ensure that they are able to fully recover before getting into normal daily life activity.
  • Diet plays a major role in the recovery of a patient from any form of illness. Similarly in this case a good diet is the key to recovery. The patient in the initial phases of recovery should be given food that is easy to digest and also has less possibility of being an infection carrier. All the things that the patient uses or would use should be cleaned and sterilized on a regular basis.

While bone marrow transplant cost in India is high, it must be kept in mind that the overall health and full recovery of the patient depends mostly on the post surgery care given to them.

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