What You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Heart Diseases?

As much as you have heard that the heart is the most important organ in the human body and that its proper functioning is crucial for a healthy body, it can’t get more true. Taking care of your heart, whatever be your age is necessary, so that it takes care of you as well. A healthy heart allows you to indulge in every adventure sport right from trekking and scaling the glorious mountains in the world to exploring the underwater wonders in oceans!

For keeping heart conditions out of the world, you need not follow a glossy weight-loss plan that forces you to bid goodbye to your favorite foods. Here’s a peek into the simple things you can incorporate in your everyday life to protect your heart by way of losing weight:

1.​ Start with running 

You do not have to run marathons to become a runner. Going for a 30 minute morning run everyday is enough to have a healthy heart. Find a park or lakeside in your locality for this stress-free workout. Running has a variety of health benefits apart from the ones for a healthy heart. Apart from getting the morning fresh air you also improve your lung functioning and breathing drastically.

Running strengthens the muscles in your feet and also does an important job of increasing your stamina. You will notice this change in just a couple of weeks of running.

2.​ Ditch the train to work 

Change the way you travel to work or college. By doing that you do not make any extra effort for working out. The calorie burning happens on the go and you do not realize it. That is the best part! So, instead of taking the metro, buy a bicycle and use it everyday for traveling to work. Your kilos would remain under control and additionally, the environment gets a lil less polluted as well.

Additionally, walking upto the nearest bus stop and taking a bus to work everyday is also a good option. The need for a separate workout is eliminated.

3.​ Pay attention to what’s on your plate 

Concentrate on eating during your meals. Just for once try keeping away your phone or the television screen while eating. Sitting before the television and having food is neither advisable nor healthy. Not surprisingly, this is the precise scenario in any household at dinner time. Instead sit on the dining table while having dinner and catch up with your family members. While doing just this doesn’t ensure a healthy heart, taking such steps towards it is certain. Keep the binging on the alluring junk food for a single day in a month. Try and avoid foods that are high on fats and sugars in the remaining part.

4.​ Find out your BMI 

BMI is an important index for finding the ratio of your body fat according to your height and weight. A high BMI is naturally indicative of being over-weight. Obesity in men and women can be actually mapped through this measure. Further, the person in question can actually start taking steps towards weight loss thus keeping heart diseases, cholesterol, blood pressure out of the door.

5.​ Cardiac Checkups 

Cardiac checkups are not only for senior citizens, they are for everyone leading a stressful lifestyle. A typical cardiac check program comprises of stress testing, haemogram, blood sugar testing, cholesterol check, urine and stool testing, lipid profiling and testing few other parameters. Additionally, counseling by cardiac specialists is also provided. That can help the person in knowing whether they are susceptible to getting any cardiac condition. A cardiac check is the best way to ensure that the functioning of heart is proper. Also, the best way for detecting existence of any heart condition.

Heart conditions are getting more and more common in people in this age. So, do not get scared when someone in your family gets ordered to undergo bypass surgery. Instead, schedule a cardiac checkup for the older members in your family.

6.​ Focus on workouts 

Workouts doesn’t necessarily mean sweating it out in the gym or doing grueling weight-training when you all want to do is rest after a hectic day.

Workouts can be made fun as well. Make a zumba workout or a dance routine your best friend. These workouts exercise every muscle of your body making you sweat out calories in a good way. You burn a considerable amount of calories even if you plug in music and do a dance routine for 15 minutes everyday while safeguarding the health of your heart. Needless to say, your mood also receives a boost.

7.​ Use the staircase 

These days, departmental stores, malls and every other public places have elevators for convenience of users. Get into a habit of using stairs instead of the lift or elevator.

Stair climbing increases one’s energy levels, breathing patterns and also improves blood circulation to the body-parts. This activity is easiest and also fortifies your body from heart diseases and strengthens your bones as well. Muscles in the legs also receive a boost by this activity. Additionally, cholesterol levels are also found to drop down after a few weeks of stairs climbing.

Heart health shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Following the above given few simple measures is enough to give you a healthier heart. So, this new year, don’t just make resolutions to get fit, follow them through to a fitter you.

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