Know Why Blinds Are Any Day Better Than Curtains

When revamping a house, what most of the homeowners do is they repaint their walls, change the furniture placements and sometimes they even completely replace the furniture. But, there’s one important thing that they forget to change or replace and that is the window covers. Window covers or casement covers are not just meant for enhancing the appeal of the house, but it plays a vital role in helping you maintain privacy and blocking heat and sunlight too. Therefore, if you too are planning to revamp your home in the near future, don’t forget to replace your existing casement covers with new and attractive ones.
Worried about finding window coverings in Pakenham? Don’t worry so much as there are numerous shops in these suburbs where you will find amazing covers for your windows. When you visit a home decor store, you will come across numerous types of window shades ranging from curtains to draperies and from blinds to shutters. And believe me or not, you are going to be spoilt for choice. Usually, what most people do is they either purchase curtains or draperies for their home. But, that’s so common. Why don’t you opt for Blinds Pakenham instead?
Why choose blinds over curtains?
If you are thinking that blinds are only used in offices or in commercial buildings, then you are seriously mistaken. These days, there are many homes where you would find amazing blinds covering the windows. Plus, blinds are always better than ordinary curtains.  Can’t believe my words? Then here are certain points that will tell you why blinds are better than curtains or other cloth-made coverings.
Take a look.
More efficient in controlling light, heat and shade
When you are buying curtains for your windows, you will face one major problem. And that is, you have to either keep it completely open or else, you have to keep them shut. But, if you purchase blind, you can easily use it to control brightness, heat and shade. For instance, if you purchase Venetian or vertical blinds, you can easily control the amount of light entering in your room and at the same time, it will help you maintain your privacy too. And if you opt for the complete blackouts blinds, you will be able to completely obstruct any light coming through the window and will keep your rooms cool. These blinds are generally useful during the hot summer months.
Easy to maintain
When it comes to maintaining a curtain and cleaning them, you have to work a lot. You basically have to wash them. And until and unless they are dried, you can’t even place them on their over the window. Which means, for a day you have compromise with your privacy, as well as let the scorching light and heat enter your home. But, if you purchase blinds, you don’t have to open them and wash them every month. You just need to clean the dirt with the help of a vacuum cleaner and then wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.
Available in variety of materials and styles
When you go to purchase curtains, you will see that all are made of some or the other kind of fabric only and not any other material. But, all blinds are not made of the same material. Some are made wood, while the others are made of cloth and even metal sometimes. So, you will get numerous options to choose from.
And when it comes to styles, blinds again outdo ordinary curtains. Curtains generally don’t have any style and are tailored in a common method only. But, blinds are available in various styles. Some of the best, stylish blinds are:

  • Roman Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Venetian Blinds

Now, do you still think that curtains are better? Then wait no more; rush to your nearest store that sell blinds and purchase modish blinds for your home.
Author Bio- If you want to purchase blinds in Pakenham, read Samantha Adam’s blogs as she writes a lot about window treatments. Through her blogs, you can get to know about many shops that sell Blinds Narre Warren too.

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