Select the best party cake for the child’s birthday

Children of all ages wait eagerly for their birthday and plan to celebrate it in a grand manner, inviting their favourite neighbours and friends as well as relatives. In order to make the birthday celebration a grand one, it is important for the parents to consider different aspects. Planning and organizing the celebration is of utmost importance if the desire is to save precious money.

The birthday cake

It needs to be clearly understood that the cake meant for the birthday celebration is not simply a tasty treat, but much more than that. It does play a significant role in the celebration, where the birthday boy or girl is required to blow the candles and cut the cake before the guests and distribute it among them. Cakes today are considered to be creative masterpieces. It is possible to find designer cakes ranging from fairies to superheroes, etc. The choice is simply endless. These days, bakers are also interested to experiment to come up with amazing and delicious varieties that will be loved by all ages.

Some tips to select the best children’s birthday cake

In order to please the child, it is important to buy birthday cakes online India that matches their moods, preferences and tastes.

  • Personalizing the cake: While ordering cake for the kids’ birthday party, it will be necessary to consider the little one’s preferences and needs. Boys generally prefer action, superhero, sci-fi, sports and jungle themes. Girls on the other hand, prefer mostly flowers, mermaids, princess, cartoon characters and so on. The cake purchased needs to become the centre of all attraction. Hence, it needs to be made extra special. Photo cake can be purchased featuring the little one. This will have personal touch.
  • Kids’ taste: The fact is children are fussy eaters, having strong dislikes and likes. This also applies with cakes. Therefore, it will be beneficial to avoid ordering carrot cakes or fruit cakes for the party. Even nuts are better avoided. Children just love to consume chocolate, strawberry, red velvet or vanilla flavoured cakes. When icing is concerned, fondant or butter cream frosting is to be selected. Experimenting with flavours will help to come up with new choices.
  • Adding fun element: Rather than ordering single cake, it will be wise to order several cupcakes and small cake. It is sure to add in that extra surprise and fun element in the party. Children just love to have cupcakes. Even miniature cupcake versions are available in the market. It can be decorated with sprinkles along with other decorations. Cupcakes can also be ordered in variety of colours and arranged in fun pattern. It can also spell out the birthday boy or girl’s name or simply state ‘Happy Birthday’.
  • Headcount: Prior to going ahead with the ordering of the birthday cake, it will be necessary to know the number of guests to attend the party. In case, the organizer is unsure about the numbers, then at least approximate number of people to attend the party is to be known. The online sites can help their customers with the selection process and the quantity to be purchased.

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