The Best Tank Movies

There are hundreds of war films. Most cover tales from the infantry but there are also submarine films and many fighter plane movies. There are not that many movies about tanks though. Could it be that the size of a tank cabin is not conducive to filming? Or that such stories have never been told to the same extent as other war stories. Here is a tribute to some of the best tank films that have been made:
This great war film was among the first to focus on the story of tank commands and show them in combat. For 1970, this was an ambitious venture, as quite early in the film Patton takes on Rommel at the battle of El Guettar and embarks on one of the biggest battle scenes ever filmed. Dozens of both German and American tanks appear in the movie, surrounded by hundreds of extras as infantry soldiers. Combined with air attacks and artillery, this battle scene is a masterpiece of film. No models were used, all scenes contained fully operational tanks. For your own version of an epic battle, did you know you can go Tank Driving? Seriously? Tank Driving! Yes, that’s right. Visit Armourgeddon for more information.
The Beast
This Russian war film takes place in Afghanistan and features live inside a tank. Tank warfare in Afghanistan was seriously rough, with too much uneven terrain and mountainous landscapes. However, the Russians used them, and this film charts their story of death, terrible conditions and survival. The film was never released in the United States for various reasons but if you do find a copy, it’s a cult classic to many.
The most recent tank movie is Fury, featuring Brad Pitt. It’s gory and violent, following a Sherman tank crew stuck behind enemy lines towards the end of the Second World War. The cinematography cleverly captures the huge expanse of the battlefield where tanks are smashing each other with shells, to the cramped, dark, hellish interior of the tank where the crew battle to stay alive. This is truly the first war film to focus entirely on tank warfare.
Tank Movies
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The director of this movie fought in this war himself, so the story is dark but authentic. The story of a tank crew and their struggle won the Leone d’Oro award at the 66th Venice International Film Festival. This was the first film produced in Israel to win that award. The director based the film on his own experiences as a young conscript during the invasion of Lebanon in 1982.
Battle of the Bulge
This infamous battle took place in the Ardennes forests of Luxembourg and Belgium between December 1944 and January 1945. This was the last significant German offensive of the Second World War, with the Germans driving tanks into Antwerp and splitting the Allied forces in two. The U.S saw their biggest battle ensue, with over 80,000 casualties. An epic movie was made about this incredible battle, starring Telly Savalas, Robert Shaw and Henry Fonda.

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