Ways to surprise your partner during the Valentine’s Day week

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One of the most special times of the year is Valentine’s Day- a day when love and affection is celebrated throughout the world. Couples from all over the world come together to celebrate this day where they give each other roses, make special plans or take some time off from their busy schedule to spend some time with each other.

Well recently, the seven days leading up to Valentine’s Day have also acquired special status, each day with its own significance like rose day, kiss day, chocolate day, promise day etc. So if you are planning on making this Valentine’s Day week special, then you have to celebrate each day with its significance. Here are some ways through which you can do so:

  1. The simplest way to celebrating each day of the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is by following the name of the day and celebrating accordingly. For example, you can always put up a chocolate day status in hindi on your social media page and tag your partner and then surprise him/her with a box of assorted chocolates! This is surely one way which will never fail.
  2. Another thing that you can do is talk to each other and decide how you want to celebrate each day. Do you want to maintain the significance and then celebrate accordingly or do you want to mould the celebrations based on what you like. Well, the decision should be a joint one if you want the celebrations to be a success.
  3. If you want to keep the celebrations really simple and basic but full of love and emotion, then on each day you can either read out special quotes to your partner or write something for them. For example you can read out kiss day quotes in hindi on kiss day, promise day quotes on promise day etc.
  4. One really great way to celebrate promise day is by making sure that you make a lifelong promise to each other on that day, a promise that you both intend to keep for the rest of your lives.

  5. And last but not the least, plan for a special dinner on the day of your convenience during this week. It necessarily need not mean that it has to be on Valentine’s Day, but you really need to make sure that there is one dinner that you enjoy together during the week.

These are some ideas that will definitely help you to plan out the perfect Valentine’s Day week.

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