What To Expect From A Gynecologist

A gynecologist is supposed to treat women whose physiological and psychological complexitiesare apparently unfathomable till date. While physically the female reproductive system is a wonder, psychologically women are theleast understood even by doctors. The task of a gynecologist becomes more complex when physiological ailments or conditions have psychological manifestations. When such situations arise, the gynecologist has to act as a counselor as well as a gynecologist who is out there to treat physical ailments. If you are looking for such a gynecologist in thane west, you should go for reference. Go and ask your relatives, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues, friends, etc. about their experience with gynecologists. They will help you in finding a good gynecologist who has the adequate mix of experience, qualification and compassion to treat a woman patient. 
A variety of problems and their treatment
Women suffer from a variety of problems. Problems such as uterine fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome, abnormal bleedingetc are common problems these days. However, the method of treatment for these may differ depending on the age and stage of life of the woman. In case of a woman of pre-pubertal or young age, a good and compassionate gynecologistwill not take the risk of operating a cyst or a fibroid. Such an operation always carries the risk of rendering the woman infertile. On the other hand,if the patient is aged or a mother then the doctor may go ahead with operation without much hesitation. 
Complexities vary with age
Gynecological problems in women may start when they attain puberty and may last till they reach menopause. Women undergo various physiological and psychological changes during their entire journey -from start of puberty to that of menopause. These changes may bring about different physiological complexities in women of different age groups. It is the responsibility of the gynecologist to deal with the problem in such a way that it is resolved without any side effect like infertility. 
Range of services
The services offered by a gynecologist includes general gynecological services for treating problems like abnormal bleeding, uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, pelvic pain, loss of bladder control etc. Then, there are some very specialized procedures like infertility treatment and in vitro fertilization. They are also involved in preventive care such as yearly examinations, cervical cancer screening etc. Obstetrics is a very big part ofgynecology. It deals with childbirthwhich is inextricably related to a woman’s life. However, until successful delivery of a baby there is danger at every step. Only the good obstetricians & gynecologists in thane have the ability to help their patients deliver healthy babies without compromising their own safety. 
What other points
·         Some women tend to prefer the services of a female gynecologist than a male and the main reason is that they can go on to share their problems. Many women are also shy of the fact that they need to expose their private parts in front of someone even if he does not belong to the medical stream. Since half of the problems can be dealt with better communication, it is always better to opt for someone with whom you are comfortable.
·         When you choose a gynecologist be certain about the location. He should be near to your home so that during times of labor pain you do not end up travelling a lot.

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