Few Tips to Remember Before Buying Luxury Apartments in Kolkata

flats for sale in south Kolkata

Kolkata, as we all know is home to middle-class hardworking Bengalis who try to save even the last penny left in their pockets and bargain over almost everything they want to have in their life. May it be a simple grocery item like vegetables and fish, clothing and accessories or even luxury lifestyle products like cars and consumer durables, these Calcuttans will bargain for the best price. Considering the above facts, the decision to buy luxury apartments in Kolkata require a lot of calculations and predictions to be done before finalizing anything concrete.

Luxury apartments in Kolkata are a very recent topic of discussion and buyers are quite lured by the polished and posh nature of these luxury apartments in Kolkata.  Whenever people are looking for flats for sale in south Kolkata, they are often confused with the multiple packages the real estate agencies are offering. Investing their life time savings in buying Luxury apartments in Kolkata would obviously require multiple cross checks and the final deal will be done only when everything falls right in place. With economy and the population growing very fast, the rate of crime, forgery, fraud and illegal constructions in Kolkata have also increased manifold. One has to be very much careful while looking for flats for sale in south Kolkata as one can fall prey to fraudulent avtivities.

Before buying a property in Kolkata, one has to be extra careful. It is very much necessary to check whether the property has clean report from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation or it is been trapped in controversies. Well-known projects like ‘The 42’ was also trapped in a legal suit by the ITC stating that the construction was blocking the right to air and sunlight for ITC. Developers and groups like DLF are involved in disputes; and some of their significant projects still have law suit cases pending. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the developer’s building plan is not contradictory with the regulations prescribed by the local authority. Buyers must check whether the builder has sought the necessary approvals prior to entering into an agreement. 
The buyers also must do self research to check whether the property is illegal or not. The property must have the project plan sanctioned by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and is not built on vested or land once gifted to temples. Also, the developers are required to provide proper completion certificate in order to get the flat mutated before the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. It is also necessary to check whether the project can be availed through home loans from nationalized banks like the State Bank Of India and Life Insurance Corporation of India as these two financial institution approves only those properties that are clean and have done all of their legal documentation correctly. They value only the authentic and legal projects.

Luxury apartments in Kolkata

If you are searching for flats for sale in south Kolkata, then make sure that you choose the right neighborhood so that you and your family do not fall into unwanted trouble as there are still few places in south Kolkata which are unsafe. So, look for Luxury apartments in Kolkata that are located in safe and popular localities. Luxury apartments in Kolkata which are encircled by shacks and slums are also not very much desired as relocating such settlements requires huge political interference. So, avoiding such properties would be the best feasible solution. Look for flats for sale in south Kolkata that oversees vast clean and green landscapes, water bodies and are open to natural light and air. These features add on to the aesthetic value of the flats and enhances the living quality of its residents.

Luxury apartments in Kolkata provide facilities like sufficient storage area, double-pane, insulated windows to safeguard against weather (and at times, noise), clubhouse, library, pool, fitness area, open lobby, children’s play area, parking slot, lavish home décor, attractive exteriors and all modern amenities ranging from high end bathroom fittings to kitchen fixtures, spacious bed rooms to seductive halls.

Before investing a huge amount of money in such projects, the buyers must be very sure about the concepts like Carpet area, built up area and Super built area. The carpet area includes the area within the walls, the built up area includes carpet area along with the area occupied by the walls and finally the super built area that include carpet area, along with built up area and common areas. The valuation of the flat is done on the basis of these three concepts and the buyer must know that the amount of money he is paying is worth it. 

Well, these are the basics before you start looking for Luxury apartments in Kolkata.

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