A Guide to Go Through Before Buying Your First Bike

Motorbikes have always been a sensation among the youth worldwide. Not only does it bring a sense of freedom, and adulthood but also fosters a sense of responsibility and confidence. Yet for some it is only just another means of transport serving its purpose. It is also seen as a symbol of status by many which boosts excitement and jest of trips and plans. Among the innumerable brands, styles, designs, colors and fashion it is quite confusing to chose the one with both beauty and genuine specifications. Even if you are choosing your bike just for some occasional rides or short trips, or if you are buying it as a regular means of transport it is still a hard task to do.

In today’s market there are a multitude of products each better than the other with, different kinds of specifications, price values etc. that differentiates it from the others. Your hopes to avail the best at the best price and your interest will definitely make you choose the best, and this makes you step in to the world of riding a two wheeler- to enliven your longing However you can put realize what is best for you by constant and repeated tries on various models at a showroom. Let’s look deeper into the different aspects of choosing the functional specifications, that every bike must have.

  • Before buying a two wheeler of any sort, you need to get yourself a two wheeler license and it is mandatory.
  • Buy a bike only when you’ve got expertise in riding one. First learn how to ride whatever you buy and then go for it.
  • Consider what price you are willing to pay at maximum and what specifications you are willing to yield.
  • Consider the power of the bike engine and the mileage it will deliver accordingly while choosing a bike.
  • Make an keep proper documentations like insurance papers always with you while riding on road. RC PUC are also essential to be kept.
  • Elaborately know and remember the traffic rules (the various meanings of the signals and also the compensation or penalty associated if you break it. )
  • Know the importance and use of your bike – difference between high and low beams, hazard lamps, or turning lamps and many more.
  • Buy authentic riding gears like – jacket boots gloves etc. from genuine market or even online.

Helmets- deserve to be mentioned specially. The one that can save your life in an accidental head injury. Buy bike helmet online to choose from the finest and original products. Helmets cut down the hazard of skull injuries by almost 69 percent in crashes. It also reduces the chance of death by 37 Percent in any crash. Accidents can cause Traumatic brain injuries leading to death. Even if death doesn’t count but serious injuries can cause a lifetime of expensive expenditure on rehabilitation of the patient and of course a painful living and life-long trauma. Traumatic brain injuries cost 13 times more expenses than any other forms of injuries. Thus, the bottom line is actually a caution for the riders without helmet who are 40 percent more prone to death involving a head injury. An online helmet shop provides the best collection of products.

Finally, you should have utmost patience every time you ride a bike, and learn to persevere even when you’re in a hurry.


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