Dress Like a Gentleman

Dressing is a kind of style. Be it men or women one should have their own distinct style on where they can carry their own attitude. So, when you dress and go out does not be so casual that people do not find your dressing sense at all impressive. It is true that to be in style does not means one has to follow all the current fashion trends. The best thing about styling is one should wear something in which one is comfortable in.

Men it is said are not so conscious about what they wear and how do they look. Well, this thought has changed a lot in the current few years. These days men have become very conscious about what they wear and how the look. So, online men’s shopping when done, the buyer is also very careful on what they buy and how they will carry them. Here are few basics that one needs to remember which can make one stylish without any effort.

  • You have to stop dressing like a boy. If you think that wearing something casual means you have to wear something boyish then you are completely mistaken. If you follow that angle then you will never look stylish in a casual wear. A man should always dress like a man. This means you have to be well dressed even if you pick casual attires. This will bring maturity in your style which is always more attractive to look at. So, if you are still trying to portray yourself as a teenager you have to stop immediately. Do not keep flashy items in your cupboards anymore. Try not to wear those funny quote t shirts anymore as they are too childish. In fact, graphic tees also do not look cool anymore as they also have boyish charms. So what do you do instead? Well, you can go for solid and one coloured t shirts or for some striped ones. You can also give your t shirts a break and wear some nice polo or casual shirts. Pair it with dark blue jeans and you will get to see the difference in your appearance.
  • When it comes to jeans you have to get rid of those baggy jeans which are your favourite. This is because you have to pull them upwards every two seconds which does not look stylish anymore. Instead of that, go for simple jeans. Pick some clean and dark shades which also fit you very well. Fitted jeans look way better than the loose ones. You can also go for proper faded jeans but ripped jeans are not very good to look at. Apart from jeans try other pairs like cotton trousers or chinos as they give a very gentleman look. If you are picking up chinos, then go for soft colours like grey or caramel.
  • Choose your footwear very smartly in this case. Do not go for dirty sneakers. Leather shoes are any day way smarter than sneakers.

Clothes shopping for men become easy if the basics are known.

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