Audi A4 – Commanding Performance with Exquisite Styling

The German car maker Audi has an amazing reputation of launching car models that are not only great in style but also provide fantastic performance on the road. One such car in its mid segment portfolio is the Audi A4. This beautiful five-seater sedan is one of the most popular models of Audi in this price segment. The reason for popularity of Audi A4 can be attributed to its great looks and amazing comfort features.
If you want to buy this beauty but are falling short of the cost, then you can opt for a used Audi A4 from the second-hand car market. However, before you buy the car make sure that it is in great condition and all its features are working properly. Audi A4 is a great looking sedan that is available in 4 different trims with both petrol as well as diesel engines. While the base variant of the diesel model is blessed with a 2.0 Litres mill that has the ability to generate 174.3bhp of power at 4200 rpm resulting in a torque of 380Nm. The petrol model, on the other hand, is powered by a 1.4 litres Powertrain that can produce a maximum power of 148 bhp that creates a torque of 250 Nm. Both these engines are attached an automatic transmission gearbox that transfers the power produced by the engines to the front wheel of the car allowing this fantastic looking car to zoom to its maximum speed of 210 Kmph.
When you buy a used Audi A4, make doubly sure that the heart of the car (its engine) is in working condition. Also look very carefully at the interior which is no less dramatic looking with liberal furnishings with leather, chrome and glazed wood, it exudes an upmarket feel. When you sit behind the wheel of Audi A4, you will see in front of you the entire instrument panel laid out in a manner that will allow you to look at all of them without making an effort. The seats are also well designed and are electrically controlled that allow you to put it in a position that will give you the maximum comfort.
Driving in Audi A4 is a very pleasant experience thanks to the tons of comfort elements that makes this premium car so popular with both the drivers as well as passengers. Some of these comfort elements include air conditioner, power steering, headrests and armrests for all the seats, amazing sound system, cup and bottle holders, effective suspension system, vanity mirror, reading light, ashtray, power windows and much more. Besides the comfort features, the safety aspect of this car is also top notch. This car has powerful disc brakes with ABS and EBF technology to prevent skidding. It also has air bags to protect the riders in case of any accident.
In case you do not find this model in the inventory of a second-hand car dealer near you, then you can look for an online collection of used Audi A4. However, before you go online to purchase a pre-owned car, you have to realise that this path is full of perils. You have to make a cool judgement of whether you are willing to undertake the risks of online purchase of a pre-owned car. We have listed a few of these risks here for your ready reference.
1).  You cannot physically check the car.
2). It is difficult to establish whether the model of the car shown on the website of the seller is the one that is shipped to you.
3). There is no way for you to measure the performance of the car.

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