The Need for Acoustic Glass in Automobiles

With air and atmospheric pollution the talk of the town, the often ignored factor of noise pollution takes a backseat when it really shouldn’t. Sound has a great effect on our health, both physical and mental. When it reaches a zone where it is more of a disturbance and an annoyance, it is called noise. Most of it can be observed on the road, where noise regularly reaches levels of 70 dB, especially during heavy traffic on a busy intersection. More and more people taking to driving and spending an increasing amount of time driving in their cars. This is where acoustic glass for windshields can be a life saver.
Acoustic glass

What is acoustic glass?
It is a special type of laminate glass which usually consists of at least 3 PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayers in between glass sheets. While the outer two layers are regular PVB, the middle interlayer is made of a special PVB composition that dampens acoustic and mechanical vibration. Modern acoustic glass can reduce noise by 50-60% quite easily.
What are the advantages of acoustic glass for car windshields?
Noise cancellation
Of course, acoustic glass significantly reduces external noise and the also noise emanating from the car’s engine. The successive interlayers act as a barrier to sound waves, thereby considerably reducing their throughput.
Vibration dampening
Another advantage of acoustic glass is that it dampens the mechanical vibrations experienced by the car, be it from the engine or via aerodynamic effects while driving at certain speeds. It also eliminates any problems caused due to windshield resonance.
Elimination of fatigue and stress caused by noise
Naturally, reduced noise means elevated comfort, fewer disturbances, and distractions while on the road, and reduced stress or fatigue, since an acoustic windshield allows you to drive in peace.
Reduced vehicle weight and fuel consumption
Acoustic glass makes windshields lighter, thus affecting the aerodynamics in the longer run. A lighter vehicle also has significantly better mileage.
When should you get acoustic glass installed in your car?
Right now would be a good idea. Noise pollution is only going to increase, and if you are a regular driver, then it can become a health hazard. If you recently damaged your windshield and are looking for options, then settling for acoustic glass would be a wise choice. Don’t be reluctant to install an acoustic glass windshield if you feel your last windshield replacement cost you a lot of money and barely reduces noise. Visit a glass manufacturer who sells genuine world-class products, such as Windshield Experts.
What happens if you break your acoustic windshield?
As with all windshields, your acoustic windshield can be either repaired or replaced quite easily, depending on the type and extent of the damage. If you’re thinking, ‘’Well, there’s no shop for windshield repair near me. Where do I go?” then simply contact your manufacturer for a door-to-door service.

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