Things to Know About Expect in Log Book Service

The term log book service is also referred to as hand book service. This is done when the car is serviced as per the automobile manufacturer specifications. The entire procedure involves the checking of the vehicle along with checking for components like fluids, engine, brake, clutch and other spare parts. There are a lot of people who feel that they should go back to the car dealership for getting new log book service however that is not always the case.

There are different norms to the same and some countries and states do give you the permission to have the car service carried out through other mechanics or service centers that have been approved by the company. The logbook services must have the valid license and they must be certified by the car manufacturer. After checking your car, they will put their stamp on your car logbook and in this way you can update your logbook from your nearest service centre. Not only that, along with the logbook services, you can also maintain your car on regular basis.
Stamping of the log book
One of the most essential components of the log book service is the stamping of the book. Your mechanic is guided by the same and pays attention to all of those specific service intervals and ensures that the needful is done. The log book also doubles as a record of the services provided. Hence, everything from the warranty to the parts replaced.
The log book service is done by experts and the authorized dealer is the one who stamps on the same. This stamping basically is an indicator that the norms provided by the ‘authorized dealer’ have been followed. In some cases these dealers just the sign or stamp the relevant page so that there is no direct impact on the manufacturer’s warranty. If future, if you want to sell your car then you must show your car logbook to your buyers and you will get best value for your car due to this updated logbook.
What are the things included in the logbook services?
In general one can expect the log book service to be performed every 10,000kms. As mentioned above, doing so helps in examining the vehicle and also taking care of aspects like safety checks, precautionary measures and replacement of parts. All of this is done immaculately to ensure that the vehicle’s life is enhanced. But there are a lot of common checks and measures that are common to these vehicles. Here are some of the standard ones that you can expect-
• Changing the engine oil & oil filter
• Inspection of the break and adjustment
• Ensuring that the steering and suspension are checked
• The standard 40 point vehicle inspection
• Checking not only under bonnet fluid levels but also the top and other aspects
• Computerized test for battery
• Checking the radiator hose, pressure of the tyres, lights and other similar details

Factors to keep in mind
Ensure that you do go for timely checks and inspections. Missing out on these details would imply that there is a lapse and this in turn can hamper the working of your car.
Do ensure that the book is stamped after the log book services else there’s a risk that the service won’t be marked which could pose issues for your insurance.
Always choose the authorized logbook services and check their certification and authorization before hiring. They must maintain the car manufacturer guidelines and insurance norms during their servicing.
So these are the little things that you should take into account when going for these car services and ensure that the same is done at repeated and timely intervals.

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