5 Interesting Queries You Might Have on Decal Papers & Its Use

Easy, fun, and safe to use, decal papers are extremely creative solutions to brain-racking dilemmas with respect to home decor detailing, or innovative gift ideas. Refined and good quality products purchased from professional places can allow you to print on conventional items and earlier inaccessible surfaces alike, such as cars, leather, skateboards, or guitars. While it keeps the texture integrity of the products intact, these products have a great finish that does not leave any mark of image transfer, creating an effect of actual print and not a sticker.
There is a wide variety of decal paper products including Acrylic Laser Waterslide Decal Paper, Film Free Decal Paper, Temporary Tattoo Paper, Laser Waterslide Decal Paper, Inkjet Decal Paper, and many more. So, you can take your pick wisely and then let your imagination run wild because, with these quality decal solutions, you can print everything on everything. So, if this is your first time dealing with such decal solutions, it is obvious that you will have a few doubts here and there. That is why we have put together a list of questions you might have with these papers and their usage. Take a look.

  1. Are the Decals Solutions Dishwasher Safe?

Mostly the decal papers are used for decorative purposes so it is better to not apply them to things that come in contact with food. But you can apply them to mugs, cups, and glasses for drinking although should be applied a couple of inches down from the top rim. Some decal papers can be gently washed but don’t put them in dishwashers or submerge them in water for long. You can apply a clear laminate film that will prevent the water from coming into direct contact with the ink. However, it is always advisable that you opt for water-resistant decal solutions.

  1. Can I use Decals for my Outdoors?

Although mostly decal papers are used for indoor purposes like decoration and gift items, some have also used decal papers for outdoor use as well. Nowadays, you also get water-resistant decal solutions that can bear the impact of sunlight and moisture. And if you choose to use decal papers suited better for indoor use for outdoor purposes, you can go with an over-laminate for temporary use. But using waterproof clear adhesive over-laminate film for outdoor graphics can be a great protection against ultraviolet radiation from the sun, weathering, chemical fading, and other kinds of physical damage. These are mostly used by people running shops or business establishments.

  1. Can I use Decal Papers to Make Laptop Skins?

You can make skins for laptops, iPods, etc with your decal paper. Generally, all decal papers work for this purpose but you have to keep in mind that the decal paper you choose must be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue behind. The clear laminate film over your laptop’s skin will further protect it from scratches, moisture, and the daily wear and tear. And since the laminate adhesive is a permanent one, it may be best to apply it on the laminate over your decal first, and then you can cut the edges from the decal and laminate together. In this way, you can prevent any laminate adhesive from sticking to your surface.

  1. Can I use Decal Papers for Nail Art?

Decal papers are multipurpose and can be used for nail art or stickers as well. However, you must check whether they are waterslide and can be used for tattoo or nail art. Since nail polish is used before applying such a sticker, it should be easy to get your desired results. Sometimes, these decal papers may not be waterproof and require a sealer as well to keep the inks from coming off.

  1. Should I opt for White or Clear Decal Papers?

Well, ideally you should use white decal paper when you are applying it on a dark surface; and use the clear decal paper while using the same on a light surface. If you follow this, the decals will be printed and applied quite easily. So, you should take your pick according to your requirements.
So, now that most of your queries have been resolved, quickly start looking for the right suppliers of decal solutions. And then, purchase a candle decal paper or a laser one according to your requirements.
Author Bio: Jon Woods, a regular blogger on decal solutions like inkjet decal paper, waterslide decal paper, or candle decal paper, here writes on a few queries one might have with respect to the use of decal papers.

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