5 Main Factors of Sign Design

Ask a motorist stuck on the motorway about the importance of road signs or the helpless tourist looking for a way out of the airport about the lack of signs. In business, too, signs are important in sending out a message, building our brand and as means of plain old advertising. But the messaging is also important here. These are the 5 factors every sign Broward must keep in mind

Scale: Signs are often extension of a print copy, a simple message, only at a much larger scale. We are taking a message from a card or a paper and splashing it across a wider canvas. Even smaller road signs are actually much bigger than their design on paper. This means we have to think of scale. The message should be clear and readable by someone at a distance.

Location: This is perhaps the most important factor. Will it be by the highway like a billboard, on a vehicle, mounted on a building or indoors? The location will decide all other factors. Any codes or regulations for signs Broward must also be checked.

Simple: A sign is meant for instant communication. So, it’s important to keep the message simple and to the point. For instance, a sign by the motorway is usually read by someone who is driving past. One has no time to read a lengthy, complicated message. It should be something that can be read quickly and understood. As far as possible, keep the fonts simple as well. Other than the logo, use sans serif font.

Contrast: When designing a signage, contrast is often the key. Contrast ensures that the message and image stands out. There must be a marked contrast between the background and the text. Use colors that stand out from each other. With a simple typeface, the contrast can be made even more marked.

Colors and design: A signs must catch your attention quickly. A good sign will grab your attention even if you are not looking at it specifically. This is because of the design and its colors. A brightly painted sign will automatically make one look at it. Add eye catching graphics or larger than life images, and most people will automatically turn to look. This is why we rarely use pastel colors on sings.

With sings becoming a medium for branding, it is important that we understand the principles of signage before hiring a sign Broward specialist.

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