6 Useful Gifts for New Moms

Being a mother is a daunting task. From hours of labour pain to several sleepless nights, motherhood is hard to put into words. It’s a joyful experience where love and affection of the near and dear ones are needed the most.

A new mother is filled with baby gifts, but what about her? Be it your bestie or anyone in your family, if you know a new mom, then pamper her with some useful gifts to make her feel special while she embraces motherhood.

Here are 6 special gifts for new mums to ease their work.

1) A Chic Diaper Bag

Some new mothers think that they have to forget style for usefulness. But, spare her from this disappointment by gifting a stylish diaper bag that doesn’t look like one. She can carry the diapers with her in a bag without compromising on her style. The bag will complement her outfit and boost her confidence.

2) Soothe Shirt

With the introduction of soothe shirts, carrying newborns has become easy for mothers. It’s a versatile outfit designed for the comfort of both mother and baby. She can wear this shirt and go for a walk while keeping her baby close to her.

3) Beauty Gift Basket

Amidst the joy of being a mother and taking care of her child, she may forget to pamper herself. She needs to recoup from the physically exhausting labour, delivery, and stretch marks. A beauty gift basket including ultra-soothing body oil, hand cream, shower gel, hand soap and candle will give her a refreshing break.

4) A Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding is an essential part of motherhood. Why not make this a bit easy for the new mum by gifting her a soft and comfortable nursing pillow. It will give her some extra support while she breastfeeds her little one.

5) A Healthy Snack Hamper

It’s difficult to take a complete meal while she is busy with her newborn baby. Gift her a hamper full of her favourite snacks which she can munch around whenever she is hungry. Fill it up with cookies, crackers, chocolates, clusters, caramel popcorn, etc.

6) A Good Book

Nothing is better than a good read for a new mother. Gift her some books on practical guidelines for raising a child, motivation, dos and don’ts of parenting, etc. For example, Happy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue by Christia Spears Brown and What To Expect The First Year by Heidi Murkoff.

Surprise the new mom with these useful gifts and see how delighted she will be. Let her enjoy her motherhood with each day and pamper her by helping in every way possible. All the best!

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