Deciding On Which Pallets To Use: Plastic or Wood

Many factors must be considered by workers of the transport and storage industry, since various factors affect the general outcome of their work. Some of these factors are more important than others as they are both long-term and short-term influencers. Pallets being the best storage and transport solution can never be doubted. But choosing one of them is always a point of discussion. Here are points to help you make the right decision.


This is the most vital factor because it relates to all others. Wood holds more weight thereby enabling you to transport a larger variety of goods. You won’t need additional solutions when transporting heavier goods as would have been the case with plastic pallets. You then significantly save costs in the long-term.


There is a lot of heated debate concerning the cost of both options. Available information points out plastic pallets as being cheaper to produce. But the reality is that the cost of producing wooden pallets is considerably smaller. The difference could even become more considerable with time considering that wood can be renewed and recycled.

Environmental impact

Nowadays, eco-friendly solutions are becoming more popular so the factor must be considered. It is certainly doubtless that the wooden option is much more eco-friendly than the plastic option. This is due to what has already been said that wood is recyclable and it is the only material which is currently 100% renewable.


With time, a lot can change concerning your business. This means you might also have to adapt to transporting and storing different goods. As a result, you might need to alter the construction or specification of pallets. You will have to buy new moulds or be limited with plastic. But wood pallets can be dismantled and modified accordingly.

These points should help you make the right decision.

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