Does Your Business Need a Spray Booth?

Spray Booth

A spray booth can help automobile finishers get paint jobs done faster and cleaner, keeping paint overspray contained and your employees and environment safer. They can also improve the quality of the paint job, since contaminants are filtered out of the air before it enters the booth. With a spray booth you can generate increased profit margins and lower operating costs.

What to Ask About a Spray Booth

When you’re considering buying a spray booth for your business, ask yourself whether your paint jobs have ever suffered from overspray, lower standards of finish or contamination. If they have, there are many types of automotive paint booths that you could choose from to benefit your business.

Drive through, baking booths and downdraft are all features you could specify when purchasing a new spray booth. There is certainly increasing demand from automobile finishers for spray booths, with Digital Journal saying that the worldwide spray booths market will grow 4.5% a year from 2018 to 2026, according to the “Global Spray Booth Market” report. So can you afford for your business to be left behind?

Spray Booth

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In 2017, the biggest part of the spray booth market was made up by downdraft spray booths, perhaps because they direct paint vapour, air and overspray down so they do not enter the painter’s breathing zone. This is why they are thought to be safer than other types. However, there are low upfront costs and ease of installation to consider as pros for crossflow spray booths, making them a sustainable alternative that are attractive for smaller repair shops.

Maintaining Your Spray Booth

Once you’ve invested, maintaining your system by regularly updating the spray booth filters is essential to ensure you keep getting high-quality results. Online suppliers such as can supply the filters you need.

Replacing filters is just the beginning when it comes to keeping your booth up and running. A properly maintained spray booth can mean the success or failure of your business. On a daily basis you should be checking the filters and ensuring the floor is clean. After 1000 hours of use, replace fan belts on motors and clean fan blades. Every six months check whether the motors need lubricating. And arrange at least an annual service from a qualified technician.

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