Everything You Need To know About The Cable Joints And the Accessories

Why cable joints needed?

As technology has been increasing apparently, organizations thumb up for cable accessories to engage their new brands. The cable accessories are used especially when you want to maintain continuity of the cable. So many Cable joint kits out there,  that can be categorized by the way they are applied. They became strong and well followed by the cold and heat application method. Further, they can be classified as molded, push-on, slip-on type and heat shrinkable method. Generally, cable joining accessories are made out of three parts such as resin, filler, and hardener. Some of the imperative cable joints include

  • Copper tube terminal type cable joints
  • Factory wholesale electrical joints
  • PVC jacket cable joints
  • Dyer type of cable joints
  • Submersible cable joints
  • Electrical cable joints
  • DLT- copper aluminum cable joints
  • PEW,1/30 enameled joints
  • Peeled wire joints
  • Non peeled wire joints
  • High-temperature cable joint
  • Cold shrink cable joints
  • Hot shrink cable joints

How the cable accessories are made?

As cable joining kits are used by numerous individual, stability and quality of these kits are increased so much today. Each type of cable joints has different specification and configuration based on the quality. In common, they have 2 kinds of voltage grades especially 35kv and 10kv. Moreover, other applicable voltage ranges between 8.7 kV to 16 KV and 26 KV to 35 KV. These joint are mainly used for outdoor as well as indoor joint. The best part of the cable kits are it can be installed easily and it is not time-consuming.

Properties of cable joints

  • Reliable Insulation – As the cable kits are made up of high –quality liquid silicone, it would get you reliable and quality insulation. Further, the silicone rubber has wonderful characters of insulation and elasticity.
  • Simple installation– The installation of the cable joints can be even made by the unskilled person as it doesn’t need fire and water.
  • Excellent appearance- The cable joining accessories looks good and excellent. It contains heat or cold shrinkable tube without commissural lines.
  • Advance equipment – All the imported equipment could have good stability as well as reliable properties.

Though there are the wide variety of cable accessories, cold shrinkable and hot shrinkable cable are common in use. Cold shrink and Heatshrink tubing can be used for numerous cabling applications such as splicing, termination and environmental sealing on MV and LV cables.

Application of cold shrinkable cable joints

Heat shrink and cold shrink tubes might appear same from the out, but the key characteristics and properties are different. Although both are similar in physical properties and installation techniques, its application is quite different. These cable joints are waterproof, aging-resistant, anti-dirtiness and have wonderful heat and cold resistant character. The cold shrinkable cable joints are widely used even in salt fog and highly polluted areas and meanwhile, hot shrinkable cable joints are used in chemical, petroleum and thermal plants.

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