Five Skills a full Stack Developer Needs

Anyone looking to become a full stack developer needs to be familiar with a number of different technologies used on the web. These cover both front and back end activities to give you a range of useful skills to work across a variety of projects.
1 HTML and CSS

HTML is the foundation of the internet, it’s the language used to provide basic website functionality and content. Combined with CSS, which lets you set the style of the site, it forms the basis of every website, even if it’s been built using a content generator. An understanding of HTML and CSS is therefore essential to any web developer.

2 Git

Developed by the Linux community, Git is a version control system used for distributing software. It’s easy to set up and gives developers flexible control over releases. It’s used in a wide range of development projects, from websites to games and is therefore a key skill for would-be developers.
3 JavaScript

Because it’s constantly updated with new tools, libraries and frameworks, and because it can run on any browser, JavaScript remains a popular resource. Developers need to have an understanding of the language features, including things like event delegation and higher order functions. A professional web development company in London, such as will generally use just one or two JavaScript frameworks, so knowledge of these is important too.
4 Databases and storage

Increasingly, applications are being run from the web, rather than installed on an endpoint system. This means they must have a means of saving data so it can be retrieved later. A knowledge of storage and databases is therefore important for developers. It’s also useful to understand how relational databases work and how they can be linked to a back end architecture and languages like Node.js.
5 Web application architecture

Creating complex web applications needs more than a knowledge of databases, JavaScript and HTML. You need to understand how to structure code and to manage files in order to tie everything together in a single large application. A knowledge of common cloud services like AWS and Azure is important here too, as these have built-in back end tools that can help with things like delivering video content and balancing load that can play a part in streamlining the development process.

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