Four Tips for Keep Your Shelving in Tip-Top Condition

Industrial shelving has become increasingly popular as a form of warehouse storage. Both in terms of versatility and visibility, open shelving suits nearly all types of storage, especially mixed storage, and offer at-a-glance access to required items.
Shelving in Tip-Top Condition
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However, safety and maintenance are important factors to protect users and keep the contents in good condition.
User Safety
Weight is a key factor in considering the shelving unit. Heavy items should be stored lower down so the shelf unit does not topple or users injure themselves from inappropriate lifting of heavy items. The same applies to a lesser degree to size, as big items stored higher up could cause back strain and/or accidents. If heavy items are to be stored, you should also consider the type of shelving unit in order to ensure that it is strong enough to take the proposed weight.
The HSE produces a guide to health and safety for shelving.
Shelving in Tip-Top Condition
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Optimum Use of Space
Shelving racks are ideal for storage of multiple items in a relatively small footprint in the store room. It keeps goods in order so they don’t get damaged or spoiled. Most shelving units are very versatile, so the shelves can be adjusted to fit the stored items without getting crushed. Careful measurement of the overall space and items to be stored will maximise the shelving space available. For industrial shelving in Ireland, you can contact
Organisation of Contents
Shelving units are not just utility items. Good choices of style can add an aesthetic appeal to the surroundings and provide an efficient and organised atmosphere. Systematic and ordered storage makes things easy and efficient to find and contributes to a neat and tidy environment. Whatever the items to be stored, put in place a system and make sure it is kept up by all users.
Keep It Clean and Tidy
Whilst there may be a complete mix of items of different sizes and shapes, there should be a natural order to the storage with logical, well-thought-through priorities so that the right items are readily to hand in the right order. Shelves need to be kept dusted and dry to ensure that goods are not damaged or packaging affected. Good maintenance contributes to the day-to-day practicalities and organised atmosphere to the working environment.

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