How Promotional Products Can Boost Brand Recognition


Promotional gifts have been used by businesses since decades to push their brand. Ever since someone came up with the idea of offering something special to ones customer, the idea of promotional gift took hold. Today corporate distribute promotional gifts among select groups, such as clients, employees and other special interests groups.

Popular choices include mugs, pens, caps and umbrellas that carry the company logo. So, how does the promotional gift boost brand recognition?

Brand visibility: Promotional gifts carry the corporate brand on their surface, giving the user instant visibility. These gifts are usually chosen for their high utility value to ensure that the receiver will use the product. Every time the receiver uses the product, the brand visibility increases as it is exposed to other people.

Brand recall: Promotional gifts with high functionality, such as a coffee mug, will be used on an almost daily basis. This means that the receiver will be seeing the brand everyday or every time the product is used. This is a fairly high exposure and increases the chances of the user recalling the brand at a later date.

 Building relationship: Like any other gift, promotional gifts too are meant to form a bond. Promotional products are distributed in a carefully thought out strategy. It is usually distributed to a special group of people like clients or at a special event, like a conference. The idea here is to recognise people who are special to the business, to award the loyal consumers or target a high value segment. Ultimately, the attempt is to form a relationship.

Building brand loyalty: Who does not like getting a gift? Usually, we also remember the person that gave us a gift we liked. This holds true for promotional gifts as well. Receivers’ usually transfer their positive reaction towards a unique gift towards the brand itself. Overtime the exposure to the brand, its recall translates into brand loyalty

Cost-effective advertising: Promotional gifts are actually a very cost-effective form of advertising. Conventional advertising can be expensive. You have to pay an agency to design a campaign and then pay some more for TV and radio spots. The same stands true for digital advertising. With promotional gifts you only need a company that will customise gifts for you and your own network. Ultimately, its a fraction of the cost.

A promotional gift is one of the most effective tactics in branding, increasing brand visibility, its recall and loyalty.

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