How to Design Refreshing Gift Baskets for Tea Lovers

If you run a gift basket business, it’s important to think out-of-the-box and create attractive gift baskets focusing on a variety of interests and tastes. Customers are always on the lookout for ideal gifts for their loved ones which can include customized gift baskets. A gift basket of gourmet teas makes the perfect gift for someone who loves tea making .

In this blog post, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide for designing a unique gift basket for recipients who love tea.

1. Choose the Right Tea

First off, you need to choose the right tea! Focus on some great flavours such as pumpkin spice, salty caramel, pure chamomile, etc. If you want to keep it safe, you can choose assorted handcrafted teas. Whether you go for popular everyday brands or something exotic, remember that your choice of tea can make or break the beauty of the gift basket.

2. Pick Suitable Pairing Items

When you’re making a tea lovers gift basket, filling it up with only tea boxes isn’t a good idea. You should also add other delectable gourmet items or accessories that partner well with tea. This inclusion will make your tea gift baskets more endearing for your customers and more enjoyable for their recipients.

For example, a tea break isn’t the same without snacks. Throw in one or two snack items into the gift basket. From pretzels, nuts, dry fruits to chips, you have a wide variety of snacks to choose from.

An elegant cup and saucer or a quirky large novelty tea mug is a great item to add to your gourmet tea basket. You can also include useful tea accessories such as tea infusers, decorative teaspoons, strainers and tea timers.

3. Prepare Your Basket

Take a unique container to put all the gifts in and fill the bottom with excelsior fillers. Next, place all the goodies starting from the middle of the basket. Experiment with the proportion and positioning of the items. Once you settle on the best presentation, use fillers for the gaps between items to keep the content in place. Lastly, wrap the basket with a high-quality cellophane bag. To make the gift basket look more attractive, attach a bow or a red ribbon using clear tape.

Your tea lovers gift basket is ready! If you run an online gift basket business, take photographs of your gift basket before wrapping it up with cellophane to avoid too much glare. Follow these steps and create varieties of gourmet tea gift baskets for different segments of your customers.

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