How to Follow Up with Quiz Leads to Drive Sales

In the following article, we will discuss the best way to get leads almost entirely through quizzes. As most of the quizzes are through social media so it can be considered as a guide to get those leads through social media.

Btu before we go further we need to understand the way leads come through quizzes. The main difference between them is that the lead generated is quite different from those through paid media and advertisements because we can never know the reason why they chose to. Of course, they were interested in your offer but we will never have the reason behind it.

Let’s begin with a simple 3 step guide which will help you to follow up and help you use those leads.

The following are the ways which exactly show you how a follow-up quiz leads to closing of a deal. The step is to be used in a span of a week and the way these steps are designed is to have as many as close deals possible.

  1. The “Thanks for taking our quiz” email

The thank you email will be the first e mail which you will be sending. The trick here is that the thank you email should send as soon as the quiz has been completed. More importantly, you should add some specific tags from the quiz, for instance, the result as to score some bonus points on your potential customer. the agenda here is to let people know that you will be contacting them regularly through emails and it has a balanced tone between quiz and marketing.

  1. The “Here’s the other personalities” email

Second, in line out of the 3 emails, the second emails should be sent in between one to three days after initial subscription. I recommend that you send others offers or product details which are not similar to the quiz but at the same time related to the original. You should send interesting details and if possible suggestions or tailored emails to so they can resonate with the policy and offers of the company. The reason for doing this is to increase the curiosity among the customers. Most customers are very interested in the bestselling items or the purchases or result whatever the quiz was related. So you have to keep in mind your customer’s interests. Alternatively, if you are in e commerce business then based on the quiz you can generate appropriate and offers and recommendation for your customers which they were looking for and alternatively gaining a new customer. For example Myntra Cashback(, shop clues cashback ( these websites regularly send their customers customized offers to help them make a purchase.

  1. The “question” email

The final email is the most important of all in your 3 email sequence series, this email is also important as it all on you to take action and strike.  The recommendation for sending the emails is between two to four days after sending the second email.  What you should do in this email is to invite your potential customer in say a webinar or have a chat with your team members or having the best suggestion it could be anything related to your company.

After the completion of the mail sequence series, you should be having an ample amount of lead and data. And the best thing to do is to creatively those lead in subsequent emails and using the same pattern. If you are using any marketing software or tool you should keep track of all the data and responses and generate appropriate lead and try not being repetitive in your approach. If you find the sequence yielding no result you should try something new with the same data.

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