Make Your Holiday Gifting Special with Cookie Gift Baskets

Delicious cookies are a highly appreciated universal gift when it comes to special occasions. With the holiday season around the corner, a wide assortment of cookie gifts makes an ideal present for family, friends, and loved ones. If you’re a gift basket trader, design some exclusive cookie gift baskets this holiday season as they’re perennial best sellers. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips to help you create and design delicious cookie baskets.

  1. Select Delectable Cookies

Cookies come in many flavours, shapes, and sizes. You can choose from the traditional favourites of snickerdoodles, double chocolate chunk or vanilla frosts or you can choose some unique flavours. Fruit galette cookies such as raspberry galettes, white chocolate cookies, and citrus shortbread cookies all make an exclusively sumptuous selection. Opt for gluten-free cookies in your gift baskets and delight your customers!
Here are some brands you can look out for when selecting cookies.

  • Be-Bop Biscotti: This Oregon based brand offers hand-crafted gourmet cookies and has the best flavours with the finest ingredients. There are several distinct flavours to choose such as English Toffee, Hazelnut Zebra, Triple Chocolate, Grasshopper Mint, Lemon Almond, rich buttered almond, dark chocolate peppermint, traditional almond and lots more.
  • Brent & Sam’s Cookies: One of the best selling brands, they make premium gourmet cookies with no added preservatives. The slow-baked cookies are available in different flavours with large chunks of pecan, choco chips, and other premium ingredients. They come in both small and large crisp bite sizes.
  • Dolcetto Gourmet Cookies: This brand’s best selling items are its mouth-watering wafer rolls, wafer squares, and wafer bites. The wafers made of Sumatran coffee, vanilla, and natural cocoa are light and crispy and filled with vanilla, cappuccino, creamy chocolate and tiramisu. The European-style wafers are just a perfect treat with tea, coffee, milk or hot cocoa.

Other brands you can consider for your cookie gift baskets are Comfort Collection, Aunt Gloria’s, Manner, Lady Walton’s, Pirouline, Mom’s Best, Loacker, Terzetto Bakery, and Angelina’s.

  1. Use Interesting Containers

Since you’re designing your cookie baskets for the holidays, purchase holiday-themed containers but make sure they’re unique. Get a wide variety of containers in different shapes, sizes, prints, and materials like wicker, metal, seagrass, pleather, plastic and paper.

  1. Pack it Right

No matter how good your cookies and containers are, if you don’t arrange the items beautifully, your gift baskets will seem anything but great. Use attractive fillers, experiment with the positioning of the products, put a cellophane bag, and attach ribbons or bows to have your packaging right. For multiple ideas on assorting and packaging your cookie gift baskets, check out Pinterest.
Follow these tips and create your unique cookie gift baskets. Make the holiday gifting experience of your customers a memorable one with your apt creations. Buy wholesale gift basket supplies from reputed sellers to get high-quality products for your gift basket business.

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