More Dick Turpin than Robin Hood

More Dick Turpin than Robin Hood

If we could all be honest to ourselves, we would admit that car insurance is not the most expensive purchase we regularly make. The most annoying thing about getting car insurance is that the cost rises every year when, if the world were a fair place, it would come down in cost. When we first pass our driving test, the cost of insurance is sky high for a reason; we are a risk to ourselves and other drivers. When we have been driving for twenty years, we park our car in our secure car park at work and it is garaged each night, there is little wonder we complain about the rising cost of insurance.

At Least Dick Turpin Wore a Mask

Dick Turpin was a well-known highwayman who stole from horse drawn carriages. Imagine what the insurance industry would be like, if we still held a romantic view of people being robbed at gunpoint. There is

a well-versed saying that goes Give a man a gun and hell rob a bank, give a man a bank and hell rob the world. Okay, so not all insurers are banks, and it is not politically correct to cast aspersions on an industry in carpet fashion like that, but we cannot help but feel a little put out when our good driving is not rewarded with a reduction in insurance premiums. At least a pat on the back would be something in the right direction, but the poor driving of others is a problem we all have to pay for.

If Only They Knew

This is where the insurance industry is at least trying to fight back against the speeders, people with heavy feet and last minute braking. In many cases, these drivers responsible for many of the crashes we hear about on the roads today. The problem is not always the fault of the driver whose car is destroyed or has to swerve suddenly. What about the visually impaired driver who forgets to wear glasses on a regular basis? What about when they pull out in front of you on a motorway as you overtake them at sixty miles per hour. They may still be doing fifty miles per hour after the temporary reduction in speed limit has ended ten miles before, but it is you will be punished by using the new car insurance monitoring equipment.

Fair or Unfair, its a Cruel World

In every major change of this kind, there are going to be winners and losers. The daydreamer, who drifts across motorway lanes and never intentionally moves from the middle lane until they realize they are about to miss their exit, will benefit immensely. They will benefit because they are probably not going to be punished for making you slam your foot on your brakes, raise your voice with a suitable hand gesture to draw their attention to their mistake. It will be drivers; who are vigilant and observe every sign and road marking, who know exactly, which lane we should be in at a roundabout, who are unfairly punished with a price hike for using monitoring equipment.

Punish Everyone, Some are Guilty
Those drivers, who are described above, may cause ten or fifteen crashes before they are found responsible for an infraction. When that is taken into consideration, we have to ask ourselves if monitoring equipment is actually going to save us money in the end? The fear is that many people will pay for less capable drivers mistakes. It is not a perfect world and until every incident can be rewound because the last few moments prior to every accident can be played back from every angle, monitoring equipment is only going to benefit young drivers who do not want to drive fast. Considering the insurance industry is trying very hard to push their new monitoring tool, we have had a surprising lack of response from the conspiracy theorists. The tracking boxes not only record how we drive, but where and how often. Its a bit too much Orwellian for some people, but there are not many voicing their opinions. Does that mean that conspiracy theorists spend too much time looking at the sky to be careful drivers?

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