Settle Your Authorized Access Issue with Door Access Control Systems

In any organization, there exists a hierarchy which demands that only certain people are authorized to access some area. The conventional lock and key system is a rusty one to fulfill this need. Today, one of the many advanced locksmith services is the Door Access Control Systems which completely solves the authorized access issue. These systems are installed into the doors and offer easy access to the authorized person and keep the unauthorized ones out.
Advantages of access control systems

  • These systems make the security management very easy. There is no need to retrieve the keys from the ex-employees as opposed to the conventional lock and key systems.
  • There was a great issue of replacing the lost keys in the conventional locking contrary to the access control systems.
  • All the authorization data is maintained by software making it easy to keep a record of who is authorized for which areas.

Generally, the authentication is done through a swipe card or a password. The size of these systems depends upon the number of doors you want to secure. You can have the system from one to many doors. The basic components of an access control system include:-

  • An authentication device
  • These devices include the proximity readers (card access), keypads (numeric passwords), biometric scanners, etc.
  • Quick exit devices
  • These devices are to provide a free exit to a secured door. These devices include the emergency exit buttons, motion sensors, push bars, etc.
  • The locking devices
  • The type of locking device you are using for your Access Control Systems. These are the devices that lock your door and protect it against any unauthorized person. They consist of:-

Electromagnetic locks – These are the basic locking devices and are highly used. There’s an electromagnet attached to the frame of the door and a magnetic material (armature) is attached to the door itself. The strong magnetic field between them keeps the door shut. Being devoid of any interconnecting parts, the electromagnetic locks are not very good for very high-security purposes.
Electric Strikes – They replace the fixed strikes and it can move out of the way of the latch so that the door can be pushed open.
Magnetic Shear Locks – These are the superior magnetic locks and can be used for very high-security purposes.

  • Electric Deadbolts and Electrified locksets are a few others.
  • The Access control software
  • The software is the one that manages all the authentication data, record and authorization procedure. Florida Lock Doctor, a leading name for the locksmith services in Lutz, tells us that the software used in the Door access control system can make a difference between a good and a bad system as the system ease depends on it.

These systems must have good battery backup, timing and moreover affordable prices such as the Locksmith Lutz systems, which even focuses on the correct integration and installation of the systems.

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