What you need to keep in Mind While Undertaking Pre Wedding Videography Melbourne

The most important thing to be identified while approaching Pre Wedding Videography Melbourne is to spend time in getting prepared, pre planning capturing the key moments, etc.
This process is all about the two important people of the day that is the bride and the groom. This is a basic and also the most important tip. You need to bear in mind that it is very important to keep in mind what the bride and the groom want. You need to get as many shots as possible of the two. You need to capture all the beautiful moments like they holding hands, looking at each other, walking down the aisle together post the wows, etc.
You can also make their friends and family talk about them on the camera.
The wedding planner
Wedding photography is a huge challenge as there are a lot of things happening. There is a huge pressure of capturing everything perfectly. You need to plan the shoot responsibly. With the wedding video, it’s not possible to exactly have a plan. You should try to meet the bride and the groom in advance and try to know them. If we talk practically, you need to ensure that you know each and every spot where the wedding happening will take place. A lot of couple have the reception and the other ceremonies at different places.
Make a plan
Before you take up the task of Pre Wedding Videography Melbourne you should find out everything about the friends and family of the two. You should also know if there could be any relatives attending the wedding from other places, if there would be any kind of unusual aspects of the reception or the ceremony, etc.
You also need to know about style of wedding- whether it would be traditional, low key, religious, etc. You would realise that having all these information helps you a lot in capturing the ceremony quite well.
One or two cameras
In case you are planning to use two cameras for shooting the video, make sure their placement is done well. You may use one camera for capturing wide shots of the bride, officiate and the groom and the other one for getting the close up and reaction shots. By employing 2 different cameras, you will always have a wide shot for cutting away to that would offer you flexibility while shooting and editing.
Each and every Pre Wedding Videography Melbourne venue is unique, but there are a number of things which are common in most of the weddings. Keeping all important things in mind will help you in capturing the whole ceremony quite well.
There are numbers of important things which need to be kept in mind while undertaking the project of Pre Wedding Videography Melbourne. These things will help you in making the project successful and giving the bride and the groom the best experience of their life.

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