Why Prefer Public Relation Agencies Rather Than Marketing Firms

  • PR agencies are the answer to every possible necessity of customer-centric companies. Every business requires the advertisement to draw customers but the old marketing methods are not of much help now. As per the current scenario advent of social media has rapidly faded the forms traditional marketing leading to a new form of marketing called relationship marketing purely based on public relations firms.
  • Public relations firms are not only confined to a unidirectional approach like promotional ads, commercials etc. They focus on the key factor in building a brand which needs building a bond with their potential customers.
  • If even then second thought for investment bothers you to decide among investing in PR agencies or marketing firms, here is a comparative study.
  • The former is concerned with maintaining Public Relationship while the latter entirely focuses on selling the products and services of the organization or brand.
  • Public relation agencies not only target to promote your company but also gives better exposure to your audience through an endorsement of the third party like newsletters, press release etc. to share the positive story of the organization whereas Marketing firms are limited to product sale.
  • Marketing is concerned with selling and buying of the products, it’s a management process starting from Product designing to the delivering of the product including pricing and selling of the product. It mainly focuses on gaining and retaining of the customers whereas public relation agencies aim at maintaining the reputation of the company and healthy relationship with the customers.
  • Public relation agencies promote the complete organization whereas marketing firms are limited to the products or services they need to sell.
  • Public relation uses the free media sources for a promotion like press releases, speeches through top management etc whereas marketing uses paid media sources like promotions on tv radio etc.
  • Public relation agencies help the company to create and manage a good reputation in the market through involvement in many public welfare activities like sponsorship programs and other such activities involving the general public to get promotion and public attention at less cost. Marketing firms are not involved in any such activities.
  • Public Relation agencies also help in crises management at tough times, marketing firms are of no help at any such time.
  • Marketing firms are target based and are focused to make sales whereas as Public relation agencies the first target at earning the trust of their customers.
  • Marketing firms work for the targeted audience whereas public relation agencies work with the general public.
  • Marketing firms try making new customers by showing attractive deals promotions etc without considering customer satisfaction contrary to public relation agencies not just help to make new customers but also to build and maintain a bond with old customers.
  • Marketing directly benefits the company through sales and plays an important role in contributing to the bottom line of the company but Public relation agencies benefit the company multi-directionally. Public relation agencies present a clear picture of the organization to its stakeholders, reputation in the market, speeches from senior management build healthy atmosphere inside the organization and make a better sale.
  • Public relation agencies require less investment as compared to marketing agencies.
  • Marketing firms mostly use a monologue activity whereas Public relation agencies are opposed to it.

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