5 Cheap Car Upgrades that Will Save You Money in the Long Run

You can never discount the fact that your vehicle needs to be on its tiptop shop for it to serve you the best. Knowing how to drive safely is not enough if you want to get the best from your vehicle. In order to get the most out of your vehicle, you need to do certain upgrades, which can help you and your vehicle have better journeys ahead.

Upgrading your car does not necessarily mean making its engine faster and more aggressive, not unless you want to be a professional racer. There are certain upgrades that can make your vehicle more efficient and safer. Listed below are some of these upgrades and maintenance tips you can do without spending too much money.

1. Oil change – One of the most basic and important car maintenance services you should not put out of the picture is regular oil change. Car experts suggest that you have to change your vehicle’s oil after 1,000 to 3,000 miles traveled. Failing to do this may result in costly and stressful problems in your car. Changing the oil in your car is relatively cheap, and you would to prioritize it in order to avoid serious issues in your vehicle. You may do this on your own, or you may bring your car to a service center.

2. Wheels and tyres– While the stock rims and tyres you get from your dealership may help your car have a good performance, they will have limited features. If you want to improve your auto’s aesthetics, you would want to get new set of wheels and tyres. Aftermarket rims and tyres can give your car more reliable performance because they are built to endure the most punishing travels. If you use your car on a daily basis and on punishing roads, it is a great idea to upgrade your wheels and tyres.

3. Dash cam and GPS – Dash cams are becoming more and more common in Australian roads because they serve drivers good purpose, and that is safety. Once only used by dedicated fleet businesses, these cameras can save you from costly insurance costs when you get involved in an accident. The camera recordings can help you prove your insurance company that the incident was not due to your actions. It is also important to invest on GPS tracking so you don’t have to worry in case your vehicle gets lost or stolen.

4. Suspension – Your car’s suspension gets the most beating when you drive on uneven and bumpy roads. They are under constant pressure and punishing, so you would want to take care of them before they give up on you. Of course your car’s stock suspension will do just fine, but if you want to have smoother and safer ride even in the most uneven roads, then upgrading it will compensate things.

5. Paint job – Your vehicle says so much about yourself and your personality. If you don’t like the current color scheme of your car, then you can always go to a custom paint shop to have it changed based on your liking. This can be a fun thing to do because you can choose from wide variety of colors. When you get your vehicle with a new paint job, you can have more fun driving it since you now love its color. Paint job is also a must if your car has dents and scratches as it will make it look new again.

You don’t have to be a grease monkey or a dedicated fleet owner to know that these upgrades and maintenance tips are important. If you want your car to last longer, then you have to invest your time and money on it.

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