Car Tyre: 5 Common Problems Encountered with a Flat!

Car Tyre: 5 Common Problems Encountered with a Flat!

It happens to everyone when least expected! We keep on driving our cars without paying attention to the tyres unless the inevitable happens and they flat right in the middle of the road. A flat car tyre pose serious problems especially when you’re getting late for a job interview or anywhere else. Although it happens and there’s no stopping it, have a look at a few flat tyre situation and tips to overcome the mess hassle-freely.

1.      Right on a busy road
Imagine every time your car tyre flattens on a quiet residential enclave with plenty of moving space; life would’ve been heavenly but that’s just infrequent! Safety mustn’t be compromised and being cautious is extremely important.
If flat tyre happens right in the middle of a trafficked road, pull over the car on a safe spot, even if you need creeping it slowly and don’t forget turning the hazard lights ON. Ensure applying handbrake firmly once skidded to a safe spot.

Some vehicles come with warning triangles in the boot system so it’s preferred setting this up for at-least 10-metres distance to caution nearing drivers. You don’t want to a passer-by to bump in the rear or side of the vehicle.

2.      Too tight lug nuts
If it’s the first time you’re unscrewing the lug nuts, they’ll be too tight. A professional mechanic would actually drill them out. You might as well be prepared to safely loosen the nuts in the home-garage before anticipating a flat car tyre. Unscrew a little bit, retighten them firmly and then completely remove them using a torque wrench as per manufacturer’s specification. Remember loosening the nuts in anti-clockwise direction.

3.      The appropriate tools
Latest vehicles come with the right tools to fix a flat as well as counter other common issues. However, a subtle approach is always good to ensure them actually work and car-friendly. A jack and a lug wrench are necessary tools that you must always keep in the back. Consider complementing the toolkit with some extras such as an extender pipe for better leverage with a wheel wrench, a hydraulic jack for easy lifting, a torch, rags and gloves, air compressor for a job well done!

4.      Jack is a must
A flat may sound like a piece of cake and logical to fix but when coming to the finer details, jack placement is a commonly encountered issue. Every vehicle has particular jacking points and you can even read the guidelines in the instruction manual. Better be familiar with the jack points to counter an emergency situation.

5.      The stubborn wheel
Even after removing all the lug nuts, wheel fails to budge. Try giving the sidewalls an easy push with your foot which might just loosen it but don’t exert too much pressure or you might damage anything. Even if it doesn’t work, screw opposing lug nuts back on by hand, remove the jack and try driving the vehicle to and fro with least minimal speed.


Countering a flat car tyre has never been easier! The above steps ensure you’re always prepared for such things.

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