Seven Rules of Hiring a Car Rental

Seven Rules of Hiring a Car Rental

If you possess your own vehicle, you will know the freedom of driving on your own. Depending on public transport is very difficult for individuals like you. After considering the rising interest of people to maintain this commuting freedom, transporters started offering car rental services. You may find such vendors across the world without any difficulty. Whether you are seeking the one in your own neighborhood or you are in a foreign country for a business or holiday trip. You may always pick a service provider possessing a suitable automobile in their fleet. Before you contact them, identify your needs and number of days you are staying there. For an experienced traveler, hiring a rental is as easy as booking a cab on the way. However, it can be a daunting task for inexperienced and beginners. Despite being a simple process, one must learn all the aspects to understand what makes one automobile suitable for one individual, while same becomes inappropriate for the other. What is the total cost of renting an automobile? What does it mean, if a vendor is asking you to purchase insurance to protect yourself? Is there any difference in luxury, adventure and compact cars? Are there any vehicles for families? Whether you are hiring in your own country, or you are standing at car hire at Doha airport, consider following these simple rules to gain the maximum benefits.

1.    Consider checking customer reviews
Its natural satisfied customers speak positive about their service provider, whereas, unhappy complaints. But if you find every other customer is complaining about the service quality of the company you are considering to work with, think again before taking the final decision. You will don’t want to pick the vendor, who make its clients wait for hours and charge hidden fees. Do consider your friend advice if he knows some genuinely good names in the industry.

2.    Verify personal auto insurance coverage
You must have already purchased an automobile insurance for the protection of your own vehicle, which may provide complete coverage even you are driving a rented car. Before, you go to purchase the insurance offered by the rental firm, quickly check your policy. If it covers leased vehicles, don’t need to buy an extra. As it is only the waste of money.

3.    Carefully check the deal details
Almost every firm offers discounted deals; you can’t pick any deal without checking the details. It is possible their discounts are only for the individuals belong to a special field or lower rates are only applied to rent a vehicle for a specified number of days. This duration can be more than the total number of days you are staying there.

4.    Remain polite while speaking to counter staff
As rental firm staff is constantly dealing with a lot of customers and frequently encounter with tired, angry and confused commuters, behave nicely with them. If you have any questions and concerns, ask them on the spot without losing the politeness. You can freely enquire about the overall condition of the vehicle they are offering you. Also, ask them how will they replace if it breakdowns on the way.

5.    Listen, staff, carefully
Soon after selecting a hire firm, carefully listen to their instructions about the contract and drop off. If you mistakenly miss any point, you might end up paying a fine for not following the rules and conditions to keep and run their autos on the road.
6.    Inspect it completely
Paying for damages you might make while driving a rental makes sense. Obviously, it will not be acceptable for you to receive an invoice for damages that you didn’t make. The best way to avoid this awkward situation is to inspect it carefully before taking the keys. Take a photograph if you notice any scratches or broken item. This will facilitate you to refuse to pay for damages you never made.

7.    Never drive carelessly
Despite providing you with the freedom to drive on your own even in a foreign country, never practice careless driving. You can never imagine the hefty charges they will charge to fix these issues.  In addition to cautious driving, keep it cleaned and don’t be harsh while using the rental.

Summary: Whether, you are seasoned traveler who has rented a car several times or a novice who never rented a vehicle to drive, always consider these simple rules to avail the maximum benefits.

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