Van Racking: The Dos and Don’ts

Van Racking

Van racking can be a valuable investment for any LCV owner, but if you are thinking about installing some to improve your storage set-up, here are a few tips to follow to avoid disaster.

Van Racking
Van Racking

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Plan Ahead

You should not rush into this process, as this can typically lead to making a mistake further down the line. Instead, it pays to begin by gathering all the information you need, covering everything from the dimensions of the van’s cargo area and its payload capacity right up to what you want to achieve with the racking itself.

Pick Materials

Racking is not just available in different sizes but also comes in a range of materials. Deciding which is right for you will depend on your needs and budget.

For example, you can get quality Sortimo van racking solutions from sites like Made from steel, these are sturdy and versatile but often at the more expensive end of the scale.

Wood is cheaper but is not necessarily as durable and can become tarnished over time by impacts, fluid spills and more.

Van Racking
Van Racking

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Think of the Future

You are unlikely to own the same van forever, even with the turbulent nature of the market. So the racking system you choose might be influenced by whether or not you foresee selling your van in the short term.

Transferring wooden plylining and racking between vehicles is not usually an option, which is why premium metal set-ups are often preferred because they do facilitate switching.

Avoid Overloading

By adding racking to a van, you are automatically increasing the amount of weight it is having to cope with before any other equipment or goods are added.

Because of this, you need to ensure that the racking you choose is not so heavy as to limit the usable payload capacity that is available to you. Overloading is dangerous as well as causing unnecessary wear and tear on components like the suspension and brakes.

Use the Space

Van racking is not an all-or-nothing decision: you have the option to choose modular systems or partial racking set-ups that will not only be more cost-effective but will also be better equipped to meet your usage requirements. Make optimal use of the space and stick to your budget to make the most of this technology.

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