What do you know about heroin addiction treatment?

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction has harmful consequences as it brings about long-lasting changes to the brain and is characterized by uncontrollable or compulsive, drug seeking and abuse. Drugs are known to modify the mind which can also lead to certain harmful behaviors as seen in individuals who use these dangerous drugs. It […]

Interesting facts about the ears, nose and throat

Top ENT Specialist in India

ENT specialists treat those three parts of our body, out of which two are always on display and one of them is required if you want to be heard and most importantly, if you want to eat. Here are few interesting facts about our ears, nose and throat. Approximately, more […]

Cancer Awareness: How To Raise Awareness For Facts, Types, And Treatment

Cancer Awareness: How To Raise Awareness For Facts, Types, And Treatment

Diseases like cancer do not discriminate. They do not come with an alarming bell and can choose anyone- regardless of any gender or a race. According to World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. It killed over 8 million individuals in 2015 alone. The […]

Alton Ingram MD provides tips on how to recover post breast augmentation surgery

These days breast augmentation has become quite popular and with the increasing demand of clients, the technology used for breast enhancement surgery has advanced meaningfully. Moreover, the new techniques that are used for the surgical process ensure that the recovery time is fast so that individuals can get back to […]