5 Smart Ways in Which You Can Use Social Media to Boost SEO

The best way to put your business on the map is to employ the right social media strategy for your campaign. It is never easy but with undying consistency, you will be able to put your page on the first page of search engines using social media marketing. Below are some of the smart ways to do this on social media:

Create a professional social media account

You have to show the seriousness online marketing deserves. Your target audience will trust you more when you have a professional profile on social media as compared to when you do not. A potential customer will visit your LinkedIn profile to learn more about your business. If they like it, then they will click on the link to your website which will lead to quality traffic.

Gain followers on your fan page

Although most marketers argue that having many followers on social media does not translate to direct traffic or quality SEO, it will depend on how you engage them. First, you have to find a way to bring them in and follow your fan page. From there, you have to manage them on a daily or weekly basis. The more you engage them, the more you will build your brand and thus improve SEO for your site. Search engines when indexing a website will also look how often people talk about your business on social media.

Share your blog posts on social media

It makes the difference. You can connect your social media account with your blog site. This way, it will be easy for you to share what you have on your blog to your social media followers. This can greatly boost your SEO as when followers click on that post, they will be redirected straight to your website. A great social media strategy helps to optimize your website through social media and thus improve SEO.

Comment on other popular social media accounts

You do not have to keep it to yourself. It is not all about competition when it comes to marketing. However, make sure that the social media accounts you comment on are not your competitors. Remember that you are competing for the same target audience and thus there is no need to comment on their accounts. When you comment, make sure that a part of your social media profile is showcased so that other followers can be interested in what you have to offer. This social media strategy works well when you are consistent in terms of commenting on popular social media accounts with a large number of followers.

Create short and simple videos

Videos go a long way to making sure that you have everything covered. When creating a video for your customers or followers, make sure that it does not take a lot of their time. It should be short and precise. Make sure that the message you want to send is at the beginning of the video rather than at the end. It should also be interesting this will help entice them to visit your website in order to get more. Upload the videos and share them on social media to keep your followers informed.

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